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Aprons: How To Choose for Hospitality or Beauty Uniforms

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Long gone are the days when aprons used to be worn just to keep uniforms clean. In the hospitality and beauty industry, aprons are now an important part of the uniform. They not only add style to uniforms but also strengthen a brand’s image. So if you manage a beauty business or a hospitality brand, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out how you can choose the right apron by following six steps:

Special Requirements

Beggars can’t be choosers. So, to limit your options significantly it is important to get a few things out of the way and get things done quickly. If you want your aprons from a particular brand or in an unusual colour and pattern, or if you want your aprons to be delivered super quick then specify these details to your supplier or enter these specifications on their website when placing an order.

You can find these options on different websites in their filters which are usually positioned on the left-hand side.

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Apron Length

The first option that you need to decide on is the length of your apron. There is no hard and fast rule as to what should be the standard length of an apron. The length is based on its functionality and practicality.

So, when keeping functionality in consideration, make a list of all the things you want to protect your clothes from. For instance, do you want to protect your uniform from becoming wet, or from accidental spills and unremovable stains? Plus, keep in point of view the amount of coverage you are looking for. So, make a note of whether you want to protect your shirts or your pants from stains and spills. Are you looking for an apron to wipe your hands on?

You will also have to consider your apron from a branding and style perspective. If your shirts have your company’s logo then you may not like covering them with an apron. On the other hand, if your apron contains the majority of the branding for your brand, you may want to pay more attention to it. Plus, a full bib apron brandishing your logo will cost you less than a smaller apron with a shirt.


Fabric offers you more choices than any other category. You can choose cotton for comfort, polyester for durability, denim or canvas for a more edgy look, or PVC for its safety compliance. We do not recommend starting with a specific fabric in your mind. Instead, we recommend considering your needs and requirements and then placing them side by side to the pros and cons of using each fabric.

Matching your requirements to the perfect material can be a bit tough because fabrics can be treated or blended to produce fabrics that will feel and look greatly different and have different properties. Even fabrics like canvas, cotton, calico, and cotton are made from 100% cotton, they just have different blends and weaves which produce different results. If you cannot figure it out then contact your supplier and tell them the characteristics you want.


Choosing a style of apron that complements your brand is not only important but very personal too. An apron that you might find perfect for yourself can be a nightmare for someone else. So, to nail the style portion, take an all-encompassing view to see what strengthens your brand’s image. It will be easier for you if your brand already has a profile or persona along with a style guide.

The right apron should coordinate well with your logo, brand image, decor, as well as be liked well by your ideal clients. Considering these factors will help you go a long way in designing the perfect apron for your brand.

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Price will greatly influence your decision. Instead of considering just the cost of the apron, we encourage you to consider the overall cost of your uniform. Maybe you can decrease your total uniform price with a high-quality apron that can either get rid of the need for other uniform garments or enhance the lifespan of clothes worn under the apron.

Another important factor is the potential and the desired lifespan of the apron. If you change the style of your apron every season then it is better to not over-invest in your aprons. If you want a uniform for a long time then durability should be the most important factor for you. An apron that is 50% pricier than an alternative but is twice more durable, then it is still a cheaper purchase in the long term.

In short, once you have planned a budget, it is better to stick to it to avoid feeling any regret in the coming months.


Keep your desired brand outcome in your mind throughout the whole process. Remember what you want. Do you want something subtle and stylish or big and bold, or you want to keep your apron unbranded and brand your shirts? Make sure that your logo is visible on your apron if you want to focus on branding the aprons. You can also order your aprons and shirts together to get a stylish and more well-coordinated look.

Image Masterchef Australia

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Bonus Tip

There is another really cool trick that can help you save your money and also make your aprons zing. The secret trick is using aprons with changeable straps. Changeable straps can help you change your look and complete your uniforms.

Changeable straps come in handy in very special situations. For example, if you have existing uniforms or logo that you think can be subjected to change in the future then use apron straps to tie your logo and uniform together. This way, you can keep your existing aprons even when you update your uniform or logo.


Aprons, whether you are using them in the hospitality sector, beauty, or hairdressing, will determine how seriously your clients take your brand. Communicate your desired outcomes with your supplier or the website you are ordering from to ensure that you get the best aprons to help you impress your customers and strengthen your brand.

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