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Women Workwear: 7 Stylish Dress Types (Back to Office) 2023

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2023 is a transitional year, where last year’s pattern of working from home turned into going back to the workplace as COVID-19 risks are diminishing, thankfully. In this scenario, some women are super happy and some are a little anxious. Excited are those who love to dress up and socialize and can’t wait to wear clothes that are long hanging in the closet for their turn.

The anxious are those who are worried about renovating their wardrobe because they are not sure about how the workwear fashion changed during the lockdown. So the good news is for all because this year is a mix of various fashion streams of women workwear, which will fulfil the scope of being stylish at the workplace with a little bit of improvisation and additions for the sake of your shopping therapy need.

We will give you a 7 worthy item tour of your stylish fashion selections for workwear in 2023.

Women's Fashion Clothing & Accessories
Women’s Fashion Clothing & Accessories

How to Style Up Women’s Workwear

Before we take you to select the piece of clothing considered stylish to wear at the workplace, we would like to define what we mean when we talk about elegant workwear. 

So here I quote, “a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed” is considered a style from the dictionary of Merriam webster.

It refers to the choice you make in a moment according to your mood and feeling at a particular time and day. So the rule of style is to listen to your inner instinct and follow the spirit rather than putting effort in and pushing yourself to. I must look good today. The alignment of the inner and outer voices will make you feel and look stylish. 

For general outlook sake, the following are the staple items of clothing, from which you can make good combinations of women’s workwear of comfort and style.

New Week, New Start, New Goals

Pair of Pants

This is an all-time favourite and rescuer of the get set go, days for women. Every working woman owns a pair of jeans, formal trousers or casual pants, all must be used this year with the smart choice of top or shrug and that will add the style. Interesting Shoes can be your statement element if you add some funk by wearing coloured flats or heel. If you like to stay sober with shoes, a bright scarf will take care of your vibrancy.

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Shirt (Plain to Print)

The shirts in the earthy colours always create an aura of meditation outlook. So any palette of rust, okra, emerald or turquoise will be fabulous to wear. Remember an important tip if you are using a plain coloured fabric for a shirt you can add detail by picking up a printed stroller or scarf and if the shirt is printed go reverse.

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Flare of Skirts 

If you always prefer wearing pants at the workplace, do try skirts this year once a week. Though it depends on the kind of work dynamics you are in, but if it is an office job or front desk, skirts will be a promise of comfort with style. You have a range of design options from box pleated to A-line and pencil, which gives a chic look. A tip is to wear knee-length to achieve grace in your attire in the office. 

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Cardigans and Pullovers

Whenever you get a chance, do slip on a pullover or cardigan on slightly cooler days. It adds a layer, and it makes you look and feel comfy. Crochet patterned, or intricate net designs will look perfectly classic this year.

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Trench and Blazers

Trench and blazers both work perfectly well for the corporate workwear outlook. Whether it is an important meeting or you are going to take the potential client to lunch, it makes you feel confident and eager to save the day.

source: Instagram
source: Instagram

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Stylish Blouse

The perfect combination of elegance and attitude is a nicely stitched blouse, whether you wear it with pants or a skirt, it works as a compliment taker for you. A sleek string of pearl or chain enhances the delicacy of your overall outlook. If you have a printed blouse in your wardrobe, don’t be afraid to wear them, just remember the lower should be a plain clothing piece.

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Source: girlswithcurves

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Dress to impress

The best part about having a dress for workwear is that it is a single-piece attire, you don’t need to think of matching colours or contracts to go with the pants or skirts. Dress is definitely a big yes for convenience and style. The brightly coloured tot bags and fun shoes will brighten your day easily. 

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Style Statement

The defining style in women’s workwear in 2023 is a combination of everything, which as we discussed is exciting news. We can smartly pick and choose from the wardrobe we own and identify fewer items to buy and come out with updated fashion-trending workwear for ourselves.

Let’s get a few coloured tote bags and fun tops to begin with. And remember, underneath all that what you wear is “YOU” who matter the most.

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