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How to Clean Smelly Work Boots? (7 Quick Fixes)

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Reasons & remedies to clean the smelly work boots 

The science of boot stinks?

Let understand the science of why work boots stink?

 It is not the boots that develop the bad smell automatically over time. The real reason behind the smelly boots is that it makes our feet perspire because of the lack of air circulation in and out of the boots. The perspiration is happening through the feet sweat glands, which maintain the temperature of our body. All of that creates a favourable environment for bacteria on our feet, which causes bad odour or stink. This sweat then gets absorbed by the inner surface of the boot, which creates a rotten smell to both foot and shoes.

Where science asks questions, it also gives answers to you. So in the following article, we will provide you with the simple and most effective remedies that not only help you solve the boot stink issue but also address the core of how you can maintain your foot care which minimizes the smell problem for long.

7 quick-fix remedies to kill boot smell

The simplest of the solutions is to pick up a shoe odour product or spray from the store. But since we are talking about science, we will tell you that your kitchen closet is your personalized science lab. Besides, what you will buy at 5 times the cost from the store will be available within your groceries. We will provide you with the 9 tested remedies to use which will completely satisfy your concern.

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Smell buster king [baking soda]

Baking soda is an antibacterial agent, and it absorbs unnecessary moisture from your work boots, which helps to banish the bacteria that causes the smell. It is very simple to use, some people sprinkle it inside the shoes directly. It works well for canvas shoes and sneakers, but leather boots or suede shoe can get brittle. To avoid that, make a sachet and place it in both shoes, leave it over 24 hours.

The baking soda will do the job, but you have to make a routine for this ritual. So, create a shoe corner with baking soda sachets stored in a box. Drop on in as you remove the shoe.

High moisturizer absorbent [Corn starch]

Cornstarch is an alternative to baking soda when it comes to getting rid of work boots stinginess. It is also called Arrowroot powder that helps to neutralize odours and absorbs moisture.

Remember, whenever you are putting sachets of cornstarch or sprinkle it in the shoe, you have to put the shoe to rest in a well-ventilated space, that will help the smell goes quickly. Do not put the shoe back in the closet as the air circulation is less and that causes the bacteria to grow and create a smell in a shoe.

Socks stock

Socks is the carrier of the sweat from your feet, which then absorbed by the shoe inner surface. So, if your feet are not clean, the sweat will carry the smell and bacteria from your feet to your shoe. The key is to wear clean socks on the clean feet to minimize the stink factor

Having a stock of socks is like preventing the problem before it arises. Do not wear the same socks twice. Do not wear the socks without washing and drying your foot.

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Liquid anti-bacterial & Fragrance shot [Essential oils]  

White vinegar is a natural anti-bacterial, cheaply available liquid that can remove the bacteria from inside your shoe quickly. It has a very strong odour of its own which is not very likely, but that can be nullified if you place your boots under the sun for a few hours.

If the weather is not offering sun warmth and light, then you can use a dryer instead. If you can’t stand a ting of vinegar smell after you dry your shoe, you can spray any essential oil of your choice that will make your shoe smell great.

The Stink Doctor [Alcohol Spray]

This is a quick fix spray that you should carry in your work bag or sports kit. Take a small spray bottle, add 50% alcohol with 40% of water in it. Add a few drops of natural essential oil i.e. lavender or lime and mix it thoroughly. Whenever you take your shoes off, spray the mixture in both the shoe and keep them in an airy place. This spray potion will work as a constant antiseptic and boot freshener for you.

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Shoe Wash Posh

This remedy is a little demanding, but it is very effective and saves everyday effort shift to twice a week operation clean-up boots, to avoid the bad smell. The important rules need to be followed strictly:

  1. Read the brand label of the shoe and follow the instructions, step by step
  2. Remove the insole of the shoe and wash them separately, if recommended by the label
  3. Use the anti-bacterial detergent and soak the shoes in it, for an hour before putting it in the washer
  4. Once the shoes are washed, dry them fully as per the capacity of the dryer
  5. Spray the alcohol plus essential oil generously inside it.
  6. Leave them in Sun heat and light for few hours, as it is the key elements that actually dry them fully.

Boot Sunbathing 

Other than a full-on shoe washing ritual, whenever you get a chance, let your shoes meet the sun. We understand that it might sound like a hassle to keep transporting your shoes in and out, but trust me, this effort will make you win the “no-stink award” from your friend circle.

Avoid boot smell through Foot care

Foot smell is a common medical condition that is directly connected with the problem of boot stink, as we explain at the beginning of the article. Both the issues are interrelated, so if we take care of one, the benefit will be shown on the other side automatically.

You know many ways and remedies to clean up your work boots to diminish the smell from them. Now we would like to give you a quick run to foot care, particularly to cope with sweaty feet and bacterial problem’s solution while washing your foot.

  1. Use anti-bacterial mild soap every day after removing your shoes.
  2.  Must scrub your feet twice a week and put essential oils as a moisturizer.
  3. Clip and trim your toenails on a regular basis.
  4. Set a weekly routine of removing hard, dead skin from your feet with a foot filer and heel cleaner. Hard skin gets soggy and soft when it’s wet, and it creates a place where bacteria mostly resides.
  5. Do soak your feet in warm water every two weeks by adding white vinegar, Listerine and table salt for relaxation and deep cleaning.

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Final Words

The work boot smell issue is very common and almost every one of us experiences it, either as the source or receiver of bad stink. Both ways, it needs to be resolved as early as possible. But what you need to understand is to find the core of the issue before you jump to fix things in a hurry.

So, we realize that the shoe stink problem can only be addressed by keeping our feet and boots clean by using simple remedies. We also know that these remedies will work only if you make them a habit or a part of your life routine. Best of luck, use the fabulous remedies and hope you have stink-free boot luck.

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