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Salon Workwear Trends Australia 2021
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The Australian Salon Workwear Style Guide: What to Wear Now

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The salon workwear by the criteria of high-quality service standards should be made of premium material, durable fabric, comfortable in style, and easy to care for, keeping in mind the busy salon professionals. Well, I would say these are the prerequisites that should be covered when we think about your salon uniform as a need, but when you talk about the design, outlook and presentation of your salon workwear brand, that becomes a different ballgame.

Nail Care Saloon Master
Nail Care Saloon Master

Before we enlighten you about the trends of Salon workwear design marked for 2021, let us give you the researched statistics and market analysis of the Beauty Salon industry in Australia.

I Quote;

“In 2020-2021, two major environmental factors impacted the beauty market: ‘Covid-19 ‘and Sustainability.”

Covid-19 surged the use of sanitizers and self-care, while sustainability increased consumer’s demand for natural cosmetics such as organic makeup, vegan lipsticks, and cruelty-free sunscreens.

Nevertheless, the global beauty industry continued to grow, valued at $500 Billion (USD) in 2020. Moreover, this number is predicted to be $716.6 Billion by 2025, according to Grand View Research’.”

Australian Beauty Industry In 2021: Statistics & Market Analysis
Australian Beauty Industry In 2021: Statistics & Market Analysis

The above link has the full report for your reference. So, it is evident by the report that the salon industry has a very promising potential for older and new businesses, with some attention to upgrading the salon workwear design and outlook. Let us help you to understand the criteria for selecting a salon uniform in the Australian industry. 

Salon Uniform Selection Criteria 

In Australia, salon uniforms in the beauty industry are fashionably evolved and have multiple sizes and scales of business ranging from the branded chains of salons, exclusive spas, barbershops, hairdressing facilities to wellness & beauty institutes. There is no one set standard for the uniform design perspective since the facility varied so much. But there are some rules of aesthetics and functional requirements especially related to hygiene & safety that need to be fulfilled. 

Rule number one is to study the type of work a person is doing, is there any chemical interaction involved, or a probable encounter with water or heat. Does the worker need to carry some toolkit or equipment to conduct a salon process etc? By answering these questions, one can extract the functional form/utility of a salon uniform. 

Rule number two is about the aesthetic value of the salon workwear and how it contributes to highlighting the brand building or identity of the Salon as a unified image projection.  

Saloon Masters Uniform
Saloon Masters Uniform

In the following article, we will decipher the salon uniform needed for each job type of individual working in different positions and then how the salon uniform design ideas can uplift the company image through the salon workwear design selection.

Stylists Job & Salon workwear design sa

The stylist position covers the hairdressing, dyeing, styling and cutting aspects in a beauty salon generally. Their responsibilities mainly include:

  • Hair cuts for men, women and children
  • Cutting and styling clients’ hair
  • Coloring, perming and hair treatments
  • Curling, dyeing & straightening client’s hair
  • Recommending hair products to clients
  • Maintaining personal hair and color dyeing station
  • PR development with their clients

It is now clear that a stylist is directly interacting with a client and involved with using a haircutting tool kit, hair dye mixing and application, using blowers and dryers with gels and spray etc. 

Salon Workwear Design
Salon Workwear Design

The stylist must have an apron to cover her layer of basic uniform, essentially have pockets to keep the regular tools handy, and should have a half or quarter sleeves shirt to avoid slipping down and getting jumbled up while working.  

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Young Women Dying Hair

Esthetician Job & Salon workwear design 

The esthetician is a specialist in skincare, body wellness and treatment like massage, scrubbing, exfoliating and waxing etc. They mainly take care of the client’s skin and body cleansing and improving outlook. 

Their duties cover the following areas of service that include:

  • Facials/scrubs and polishing of clients
  • Head, neck and body massages 
  • Waxing eyebrows and other facial hair on the body
  • Full-body waxing, wellness scrubbing and spa treatments
  • Enhance clients’ skin condition and give suggestions for proper skincare treatments as per individual requirement
Saloon & Spa Workwear
Saloon & Spa Workwear

The esthetician must have a separate salon uniform to conduct all the procedures as it is a very intimate interaction with clients skin. Also as you can tell, there is a lot of body and hand movement involved. The workwear should be comfortable and clean. You can have your esthetician uniform in any colour of your brand image with a printed or embroidered logo.

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Professional Cosmetician
Professional Cosmetician

Receptionists Job & Salon workwear design 

The receptionist is mainly in charge of the front desk, calls from clients, responds to appointment queries and manages bookings. The receptionist is also responsible for greeting the client and making them comfortable while waiting for their turn. 

A receptionist is the image holder and the face of a salon. They are the front face that clients see when they come in for treatment and the last face they see on the way out. 

Their salon workwear or uniform is the first image building point to establish your service as a brand. 

A salon receptionist’s duties include the following responsibilities:

  • Calling clients to confirm appointments, answering queries on phones, booking appointments for clients 
  • Greeting clients, make their waiting time cozy and rotate them to the proper station
  • Keeping the Salon clean, professional-looking and inviting
  • Suggesting appropriate retail to customers
  • Serving and comfort clients with refreshments and beverages
Receptionist Spa Salon
Receptionist Spa Salon

Assistants Job & Salon workwear design 

An Assistant’s job in a salon of a big scale is particularly very crucial. They are doing everything from cleaning and sweeping stations between the clients, changing soaked towels and linens with fresh ones, hair washing, dye mixing, assisting the stylist by holding blow dryers, and many other supportive tasks job.

Salon Assistant Workwear
Salon Assistant Workwear

A salon assistant workwear should be comfortable and presentable with their name embroidered or hooked on the tunic/top. In Australia, the assistants are, often are the young students of cosmetology, or diploma holders from beauty and wellness institutes and work in Salon as an employee who is looking for more salon experience and learning opportunities.

Hairdresser Trainee
Hairdresser Trainee

Assistants are the support system to execute almost everything at the Salon. Their duties include the following but are not limited to:

  • Helping with colour formulation and mixing
  • Shampooing, conditioning & drying hair 
  • Blow-drying or straightening client’s hair
  • Station maintenance, sweeping salon floor
  • Cleaning and maintaining Salon’s outlook
  • Helping prepare clients by offering gown or headbands for service
  • Ensuring clients are comfortable by offering tee/coffee or magazine to read

Final Words

This article will help the people who like to understand how to select the salon workwear/uniform in Australia as the business forecast for the beauty salon industry is very encouraging for the established and new ventures to open up in future. We mainly discussed how a job type and duty of a person tells you about the exact requirement for your workwear design selection. Once you fulfil these requirements, you can use your logo or colour of the brand image reflecting through the salon workwear apparel.

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