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Workwear Fashion, Explore Unique 2024 Ideas
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Workwear Fashion, Explore Unique 2024 Ideas

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‘Uniform’ doesn’t mean uniformity!

Wanna style but look professional? We’ve got you! This time custom printing

Have you ever imagined the fantasy of workwear fashion?

Because every design is a story, every colour is a chapter and yet we are the Wordsworth for your corporate saga. 

Keep reading the ode to custom office wear fashion styles & dress codes to get ideas on how to look classy at your workplace. 

The Math Magic + Quantity Game – Capsule Wardrobe

5 Jackets + 3 Shirts + 3 Dresses + 3 Pairs of Pants + 3 Skirts + 3 Basic Tops + 5 Pairs of Shoes + 1 Pair of Jeans + 2 Totes & Bags = 29 items 

You can also reduce this list to 18 items by removing some fashion elements, especially focusing on versatility and unisex options.

Unisex Fashionable Workwear Outfits 

Unisex Fashionable Workwear Outfits 


Skirts bring versatility to workwear fashion, allowing for combinations that range from conservative to modern styles depending on the workplace culture.



    Jackets provide a layer of professionalism and adaptability for varying office climates and client interactions. 


    Shirts form the backbone of high fashion workwear, providing a neat, clean appearance that suits formal and semi-formal settings.


      Proper shoes must be worn to complete the outfit’s look and help with postural support and comfort through those long work hours.


      Totes & Bags

        Totes and bags are practical accessories that enhance functionality by conveniently carrying work essentials while completing the workwear ensemble.

        Weather Dependant Workwear Fashion

        Winter – Cozy & Competent

        You are all set to layer up in winter, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing styling. Think broad, and picture yourself walking into the workplace wearing custom-printed hoodies or jackets. Isn’t it cool? Yes, because a little piece of change can make you stand out and be productive at a time. 

        Summer – Light & Airy

          Summer demands cool breathable workwear that protects from the sun and still looks sharp. Go for custom-printed t-shirts, short skirts (knee length), and lightweight cotton work pants that help keep the body cool and dry. 

          Moreover, outdoor workers must wear garments with UV protection. These can help prevent sunburn and minimise UV exposure, which is crucial during long summer days.

          Autumn – Transitional & Trendy

            As the autumn leaves begin to fall, this season calls for workwear that bridges the gap between the extremes of summer and winter. 

            Lightweight tailored blazers and long-sleeve shirts, preferably in earth tones and mixed fabrics. Custom-printed scarves or caps can add a pop of style and a layer of comfort as the temperatures dip.

            Spring – Bright & Bold

              The spring season in Australia is full of colours and human touches, which are well represented by your workwear. 

              Custom-printed florals, light jackets or cardigans would be perfect for a cooler morning, and the fabrics will ensure your comfort when the temperature rises.

              Types of Workwear Fashion


                Professional workwear fashion is essential for occasions such as meetings with corporate clients, office presentations or pitching a new design idea to a prospective client. The dress code is invariably formal in these settings.

                For both men and women in office environments, the attire should consist of linen suits, formal dress pants and blazers. Shirts should ideally be plain or in subdued colours. Men must complement their outfits with a tie and polished dress shoes. Women should opt for footwear such as block heels or flats that combine professionalism with comfort.

                Semi Formal 

                  Semi-formal work attire blends elements of formal and smart casual dressing. This style is perfect for a typical office that doesn’t include many external meetings or formal events. It’s also suitable for occasions like a coworker’s unexpected birthday celebration in the office or simply the desire to dress with a relaxed flair during the warmer months.

                  Formal trousers paired with collared shirts, such as button-downs, suit both men and women. Women might choose to wear pencil skirts teamed with simple, formal tops. For men looking to add a distinctive touch, linen waistcoats are a stylish option.

                  Casual Workwear – Days Fashion

                    Casual workwear is ideal for days filled with team discussions or when you’re making a creative pitch under tight deadlines. The foremost consideration for casual attire at work is personal comfort, ensuring nothing hinders your focus or productivity.

                    For women’s workwear, a practical outfit might consist of t-shirts layered under open cotton shirts paired with casual pants or tunics worn over tights. Men can opt for denim jeans with polo shirts or shorts paired with a casual tee. 

                    Remember that the appropriateness of such attire can vary based on your workplace environment. 

                    Australian Outback Workwear Fashion Essentials

                    Outback work involves industries closely tied to the region’s unique resources and environments, including mining, agriculture, construction, conservation, and tourism. 

                    These jobs often expose workers to harsh temperatures, industry-specific hazards, encounters with wildlife, and other risks, necessitating a high level of preparedness to ensure their safety and well-being.

                    Tops and Outwear

                      Workwear shirts, tees, and polos that function as hard as you do are essential for staying dry and comfortable during extended workdays. For outwear, custom-printed waterproof jackets like Sheffield Jackets can be a good option for safety. Brands like Biz Collection, DNC, and Workcraft are trusted Australian names that understand what local workers need.

                      Cap and hats

                        The Outback look is complete with hats and caps, which protect against the sun. Opt for the Wide-Brim Bucket hat to ensure maximum shade and style. 


                          Glasses are essential personal protective equipment mainly designed to protect one’s eyes from anything that may damage them. The anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens Shield Safety Glasses are suitable for wearing as essentials. 

                          Tradie Workwear Fashion

                          For tradespeople, daily attire often consists of cargo shorts, high-visibility shirts, and steel-capped boots, essentials for their active and usually rigorous job roles.

                          But a tradie workwear collection doesn’t have to be dull. Modern workwear fashion allows for creativity and personal expression through customised options. 

                          Embroidered polos, graphically enhanced tees, and stylish yet functional designs can transform standard work attire into a statement of professional pride and personal style.

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                          9-to-5 stylish working people no longer have to choose between comfort and style to suit because they have our smart software, the expert tailoring, to design manually and upload high-quality designs to get the best printing service across Australia. 

                          Users can effortlessly personalise their outfits with us to reflect their professional ethos & workwear fashion sense.


                          Q: Why is workwear trendy?

                          A: Workwear is trendy because it combines comfort with professional style, making it suitable for both office environments and casual settings.

                          Q: What not to wear to work dress code?

                          A: Avoid wearing overly casual items such as flip-flops, tank tops, shorts and anything ripped or excessively revealing.

                          Q: What is the dress code for office work?

                          A: Depending on the office environment, the dress code for office work typically ranges from business formal (suits and ties) to business casual (slacks and collared shirts).

                          Q: What is the workwear trend in 2024?

                          A: The workwear trend in 2024 leans towards custom printing with adaptive designs that fit both virtual and physical professional settings.

                          Q: Is workwear fashion out of style?

                          A: No, workwear is not out of style. It continues to evolve, integrating current fashion trends while maintaining a professional aesthetic.

                          Q: What color is best for workwear?

                          A: Neutral colors like black, navy, gray and white are best for workwear due to their versatility and professional appearance.

                          Q: Why is fashionable workwear so expensive?

                          A: Workwear can be expensive due to the quality of materials used, durability requirements, and functional design elements that ensure longevity and comfort.

                          Q: What is the dress code for Australian offices?

                          A: The dress code for Australian offices typically varies from business smart casual to business formal, largely depending on the industry and specific company policies.

                          Q: What is smart business casual for men in Australia?

                          A: Smart business casual for men in Australia usually includes chinos or trousers paired with a collared shirt, and optional elements like a blazer or sweater, without the need for a tie.

                          Q: How can I look smart in office?

                          A: To look smart in the office, choose well-fitted, neat clothing in neutral colors, ensure your clothes are always clean and pressed, and pay attention to accessories like belts and watches.

                          Q: Why are ripped jeans unprofessional?

                          A: Ripped jeans are considered unprofessional because they are seen as too casual and unkempt for most office environments, which usually require a more polished appearance.

                          Q: Is it unprofessional to show shoulders?

                          A: Showing shoulders can be seen as unprofessional in more conservative office environments as it can be considered too casual or revealing.

                          Q: Are bare legs appropriate for work?

                          A: Whether bare legs are appropriate for work depends on the office dress code; in more formal settings, hosiery is often required, while more casual environments may allow bare legs.

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