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Cafe Uniform: Design for Waiters by Type and Style

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Cafe Culture and Waiters Apparel

It won’t be wrong if we say that the cafe or the coffee house is a mini cultural hub, and it has an inbuilt cultural space where people of all ages, various classes and economic background overlap and interact. This phenomenon of inclusiveness makes it a very friendly and comfortable place to be.

Since the core value of a cafe is so uplifting, it is important to have people serving you wearing their cafe uniform should look equally presentable and vibrant.  

The frontman of the cafe is not the owner but the waiters, who greet the client, offers a menu, suggests the specialty at times, then serve and also take feedback on your behalf. He/she is truly your brand ambassador who upholds the values of your brand by all means. His outfit should be the best as it is the primer presentation of your coffeehouse, that also talk to your customer. 

This article will be a tour for you to understand how the cafe culture is so important and similarly as we discussed the waiter uniform have to be well thought out. Let’s first explore the cafe coolness.

Cafe, Coffee and Culture History Tour

The cafe is not an ordinary place for people to go with their colleagues to take a break from work or friends for a hang-out. It is a multidimensional and inclusive space that provides an alcove for everyone. Readers, writers and poets sit in a corner with their books, notes and a cup of coffee. Artists always find a seat beside a window to observe the world outside. Tourists stopover to have a shot of coffee to refresh and hope to have a by the way conversation with a pleasant waiter who can recommend a must-go place in the city visit.

The cafe or coffee houses, historically established to serve and sell coffee of different types e.g. espresso, latte, and cappuccino and offers a menu of snack, pastries, sandwiches, instead of full meals. By the social standing, it came out as an affordable social space for the middle-class population where people from all walks of life get together to read, write or share ideas and discuss social issues. The past account says that some of the very important revolutions and politically charged ideas were actually brewed in the coffee houses. If the history of the cafe interests you, learn more about the cafe revolution.

Cafe Type and Style Influence on Waiter Outfit

The types and style of a cafe give evident cues for the worker’s apparel design choices, as the outlook of cafe theme is an overall design element become the brand identity that should also reflect through the uniform of your staff.  So let’s discuss the main types of coffee houses and how you can incorporate this understanding, deciding what your waiter wear that adds value to the image of your cafe.

Classic cafe

The classic cafe is usually inhabited in the classic era building/ interiors, and they celebrate the history and traditional ways of serving coffee. Usually, they use classic designs of teacups, kettles, table drapes and vintage photo frames as decor. Then the waiter’s apparel should follow the classic lines and with it the sophisticated mannerisms which go with the overall ambience of the cafe to compliment the client experience.

Outdoor, Patio and Harbour Side Cafe

Outdoor cafe spaces are obviously open-air seating, It’s less formal than the indoor classic coffee house. The feel of the outdoor and where it is situated defines your design elements. If it is at the harbour cafe, it will be breezy, blues and greens are the natural colour choices that exist in the environment. Patios coffee houses can be lush green surrounded by natural greenery bushes or an old tree covered the seating space, in both cases, the earthy colors is an immediate reference. Using colour in the apparel of your waiter which is inspired by the environment creates a sensible impact. Colours for uniform fabric can be picked from the site references or use contrast to create a sizzling eye-catcher.

Modern & contemporary cafe

Modern line cafe design spaces are mostly straight line, at times abstract but bold yet simple looking. There is not much detail in terms of the use of print or decor features in an interior. So by the rule of aesthetics, the waiter outfit design should follow the suit, straight cut, no detail and essentially to the paint colour would work the best in such cases. Gray, beige or black modern cut outfits embrace everything about being modern.

Thematic, trendy/funky coffee houses

This type of cafes is as inclusive as its design, which is a mixture of so many elements. They are also known as hipsters cafe, because they are super casual, though they have a hidden theme embedded more like free expression, the wine is to gather different type of people, thoughts, ideas to one place. Usually, writers, artists, activists like to claim their space there, we also found musicians playing or open mic nights happening in such spaces. The apparel for waiters in this space should be interesting and funky. Stripes, colours, badges even printed slogan on the vibrant shirt would look super cool and goes with the cafe design intend.

Take Away

Cafe or coffee houses are the sociocultural thinking portals where the various kind of individuals meeting with friends, new people, thoughts and ideas. They are rich in sharing the experience because they have a history and whoever connects with you, share a different idea with you and maybe getting inspiration from your thoughts will become a contributor to society. This is why it is important that when you are thinking of designer apparel for the person who would interact with your customer should carry the soul of the space, image, intend and heritage these coffee houses have within. These ideas or cafe uniforms choices of how the workplace design influence the selection of the apparel can also be applied to the restaurant uniform selection generally. So, be sensitive to the environment and workspace you are developing, and the design solutions will come to you naturally from its awareness.

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