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Innovative Sports Team Merch Ideas to Stand Out in 2023-24
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Innovative Sports Team Merch Ideas to Stand Out in 2023-24

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In recent years, we have all taken a greater interest in sports, and brands are increasingly taking advantage of this trend to promote their products globally. We all know that promotional items for sports teams can help customers remember your brand. This article will discuss promotional product suggestions for sports organisations. Therefore, let’s plunge into the pool of possibilities.

Team building is a beautiful opportunity for your employees to connect, get to know one another, and experience thrilling moments with their coworkers outside. The most significant way to maximise team building is to engage in sporting events! You can enhance their experience by providing sports merchandise to wear during the activities.


A successful team-building exercise can have numerous positive effects on an organisation. It promotes teamwork, increases job satisfaction, and fosters a collaborative workplace. For this reason, you should always provide your employees with the best possible experience during your annual team-building activity.

Adding sports-branded merchandise that your team will adore wearing during the activities is a fantastic way to enhance your team-building experience.

Corporate Sportswear Merch Ideas

They say that one should always attire appropriately for the occasion. This idiom also applies to athletic endeavours. If you intend to have your team-building participants run, leap, tumble, and roll, you should provide them with comfortable corporate sports attire. Here are some quick and straightforward concepts for merchandise.

Sports Team Merch Ideas

Custom Designed Shorts

Every sporting event necessitates the wearing of comfortable bottoms. With micro mesh line interior unisex sports shorts with drawstring, your members can move freely and flexibly.

Select a polyester fabric for a lightweight and breathable feel. Then, add your company’s logo for a dash of branding on your custom printed shorts.

Custom Designed Shorts Idea

Athletic T-Shirts

Comfortable athletic shorts should be paired with an athletic T-shirt. Include a custom printed T shirt in your sports merchandise bundle for employees. 

You can choose colours for each team and give them amusing names. Ensure that the shirt material is stretchy and quick-drying to accommodate the wet activities you have planned for them! 

Athletic T-Shirts sport team merch idea

Also, use the top-level garment printing company to customise your t shirts!

Personalised tote bags

People can use custom canvas bags for a variety of purposes. They can bring them to work, take them on weekend trips, use them to carry provisions and other essentials while shopping, etc.

tote bag sport team merch idea

Therefore, it is the finest promotional product for sports. Numerous teams provide customised tote bags to their supporters. It can be part of the stylish campaign for the sports organisations.

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Customised Athletic Caps

A customised baseball cap is a piece of sports merchandise that is extremely popular with team members and spectators. For game days, sports fans would love that the headwear represents their favourite team and shields the sun from their eyes so they can see all of the action on sunny days.

Cap sport team merch idea

The logo on the headwear would be smaller than a logo printed on a t-shirt, so it must be bold and straightforward for the brand to be recognisable.

Shirts with Customised Designs

Shirts are, of course, another desirable option for personalising local sports equipment. There are T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and jerseys available for shirts. Long-sleeved shirts will allow supporters and team members to support their local team regardless of the weather. Printing shirts in various sizes and sleeve lengths is a good idea so everyone can wear them irrespective of the season.

Selling shirts as merchandise can help raise funds for the team, but having a uniform on game days is equally essential. With custom printing, each team member can have identical shirts bearing the team logo and name. This helps to foster a team mentality and ensures that everyone feels included.

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Personalised Backpacks

Backpacks are going to be prevalent among team members and younger fans. Teens and children can bring backpacks with the team logo to school, while adults can use them as gym bags or game day bags to carry refreshments and water bottles. 

The squad members will find the backpacks helpful in transporting equipment and clothing changes to practice and games.

Backpack sport team merch idea

Corporate-Branded Sweatshirts

You can order and customise sweatshirts and hoodies with your logo. These items can be added to your employees’ casual work ensembles. 

Choose a high-quality hoodie with a zipper of premium pre-shrunk cotton. These stylish and eco-friendly customised hoodies will keep your members warm.

sweatshirt sport team merch idea

The Importance of Investing In Promotional Sports Products

Demand will always be high for exercise, as people are increasingly concerned with their health and fitness. This indicates that there will always be a demand for fitness products. It is not a trend but a way of life.

Sports items are functional, high quality and long-lasting because they are designed to be utilised repeatedly and thoroughly during exercise and sports. By creating such things, brands can increase their perceived value.

  • These are the ideal promotional items for sports, outdoor, and health companies.
  • Brand image for image enhancement.
  • This is an excellent method to connect with customers who share similar interests and values, which can lead to customer retention.

Promotional sports objects are available in various products, shapes, designs, and colours. This includes branded yoga mats, custom-printed cooling towels, exercise bags, sweatbands, and golf balls. On the t-shirt, there is ample room to construct and add custom designs.

Bring Out the Good Times with This Sport-Branded Merchandise

Your team-building exercises are designed to bring out the team’s sense of humour. A sports activity accompanied by sports-branded merchandise is an excellent method to foster team spirit.

Entice them with high-quality items and generate anticipation for the event. If you need assistance producing custom merchandise packs, we are here! Send us a message, and we’ll be happy to help.

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