Plus Size Workwear: Style Options For The Full-Figured Woman
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Plus Size Workwear: Style Options For The Full-Figured Woman

According to Credence research, the market for plus-size women’s clothing is worth an estimated USD 152.8 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to surpass USD 264.4 billion by 2027. [1]

Due to the demand growth, shopping for plus size workwear is no longer limited to a handful of speciality stores or a small portion of larger department stores. The issue now is not so much a shortage of options but instead locating the finest places to shop for plus-size clothing in a sector that has become quite competitive.

With greater awareness of body diversity, plus size clothing has become one of the most rapidly expanding divisions of the fashion industry.

Why Is It Called Plus-Size?

Size-inclusive and plus-size are frequently used interchangeably. Both refer to apparel that exceeds a size 18. Plus-size clothing is designed specifically for those who are above the average clothing size. The term’s applicability varies by country and the industry in which the individual is engaged.

Plus Size Women Working on Laptop
Plus Size Women Working on Laptop

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Which Size Is Considered Plus-Size Workwear?

The fashion industry defines plus size apparel as sizes 18, and extended sizes are 7X and up.

However, if you examine clothing stores and their classification of plus sizes, you will see some plus size stickers on apparel beginning at size 12 and others starting at size 14.

Some fashion designers consider size 6 a plus size for women in Korea.

When purchasing plus-size clothing online, the best way to determine the correct size for your plus-size physique is to consult plus-size sizing charts.

Note that 1X and 2X plus sizes differ from XXL in straight sizes. This is because plus sizes are expansions of standard sizes.

What Clothing Looks Best In Plus Size?

Creating a fantastic wardrobe requires filling your closet with well-fitting, high-quality clothing. Whether in jeans, a suit, or a dress, you will always look amazing in something created from durable, custom-fitted materials, regardless of your shape, size, or skin tone.

Barbaric Coat

This fall, you should prioritize purchasing a trench coat as your primary wardrobe staple. This timeless style is a homage to neutrality. Pair with combat boots to give your ensemble that added edge.

Summer Style Crossover

The pairing of a flowy dress with a simple turtleneck will allow you to wear your favourite clothing throughout the year.

Cosy Jumpsuit

The ideal fall athleisure item is a warm jumpsuit, suitable for quiet, cool autumn days. Wear a denim jacket and a pair of stylish sneakers to finish off your cosy fall ensemble.

What Is The Best Style Plus Size Workwear Dress?

Business Women in Plus Size Workwear
Business Women in Plus Size Workwear

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Following are a few of the best style dresses for plus size workwear for women!

A-Line Dresses

The A-line dress silhouette is reminiscent of an hourglass figure. A-line dresses have a fitted top and torso that extends out triangularly at the waist. This style is flattering for ladies of all body types, but especially for plus-size women.

Empire Dresses

Instead of gathering at the natural waist, these dresses gather slightly beneath the bust, emphasizing the upper body rather than the lower. This dress style is ideal for ladies with oval, rectangular, or triangular body shapes, as it leads the eye upward while hanging beautifully below the breast.

Peplum Dresses

A dress with a waist ruffle has undoubtedly appeared in multiple variations over the past few years. This design, known as “peplum,” is ideal for producing an hourglass form. This diminishes the appearance of the waist compared to the shoulders and hips.

How Tall Is Plus Size?

According to modelling agencies, plus-size models are between 5’9″ and 6’0″ tall and wear sizes 10/12 to 14/16. If you identify as a plus-size woman and aspire to become a plus-size model, remember that runway model are often 5’9″ or taller and wear sizes 10 to 22, whereas fit models are typically 5’5″ to 5’9″ and wear a size 18.

In contrast, commercial plus-size models can be any height (like other commercial models) and often wear sizes 12 to 18.

What Should A Plus Size Woman Wear as Workwear?

A professional appearance is quite crucial for all working women. You feel good about yourself when appropriately attired and perform with greater assurance. Therefore, dress well for no one but yourself.

Dresses are ideal for the workplace because they do not require much thought, yet they always look lovely. Always examine your firm’s dress code to ensure that your attire does not violate corporate standards.

We have a style suitable for every temperature or season if you require a plus-size coat or jacket. Our customized plus size workwear styles are flattering and reasonably priced.

Working women wearing Plus size Workwear
Working women wearing Plus size Workwear

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How Should I Dress For Plus Size Workwear?

Here are a few ideas on how you should wear a plus size workwear dress for the office:

Wrap Dresses

Plus-size wrap dresses are office-appropriate and improve your self-assurance because they flatter your proportions. Stick to neutral hues and avoid bright patterns for a more professional appearance.

Midi Dresses

Midi dresses were designed for office wear. They have a hemline that is neither too short nor too lengthy. Add your favourite sweater or cardigan for a more professional appearance.

Maxi Dresses

If you are concerned that plus-size maxi dresses are too short or inappropriate for the office, pair them with a jacket or duster cardigan.

Tie-Waist Blouse

Embrace your curves with a shirt that has a tie-waist. Because you are at work does not imply that you must wear apparel that conceals your shape. Make a statement with plus-size blouses, ideal for the workplace.

What Should You Not Wear as Plus Size Workwear?

  • Do not wear overly tight clothing and consider it a great fit simply because it appears. Comfort is an additional issue to consider.
  • Do not wear unsuitable shapewear. There are various types of shapewear to choose from for multiple outfits. Choose the appropriate shapewear based on what you are wearing.
  • Do not pair leggings with short-length tops. Wearing short tops with body-hugging bottoms like leggings will make your upper body appear thicker.

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