How To Create an Effective Good Company Logo?

If you own a company or a brand, you need to get a unique logo for marketing and branding purposes. Believe it or not, but a logo designed correctly can make or break your brand and its image. The key to creating a great logo is a flawless design. So, we have curated all the steps you need to follow in order to come up with a logo that your brand deserves:

Why Do You Need a Logo in the First Place?

Firstly, make sure that you know why you need a logo for your brand, so you can get the impact right. You need your logo to demonstrate, to the world, who you are, what is your brand and what does it stand for. Even if you are not able to demonstrate all your values from your logo, you will still be able to make the impetus needed to turn heads and make people take note of your brand.

Another pointer for you to remember when designing your logo is that make sure that it is memorable. Being memorable will significantly help get your company off the ground and be remembered in the circles it is supposed to be.

Think About Your Brand Identity

What is it that your company, business, or brand stands for? What do you represent? What do you want to achieve with your business? What are you making, offering or selling? It is never as simple as “I’m a cute coffee shop”, for instance. There is a lot to be considered and evaluated. You have to go over what that brings with it, and what is associated with it? For instance, instead of just being a coffee shop, think of your brand like “I’m all about people experiencing good coffee, in a friendly setting and a comfortable location, with nice cups that feel like home and friendly staff that feels like family.”

If you can identify even the smallest factor that makes you and your brand a little different from others, or you can come up with a clear line dividing your business from others, then use it to design your logo. It will help you think about your brand identity a lot clearer.

Get Inspired

The best way to appreciate art and design and stir your creativity is by looking around and seeing what inspires you. You may really deviate towards a certain type of design, but you will be able to see whether it will work or not by observing and seeing what works. Or you may not feel personally connected to a design, but you will see it working amazingly for your brand. So, observe.

Getting inspired will help you think. It is all about looking at things you like, do not like or are not sure about and, then deciding what will work for you and what will not. You can find amazing design inspirations on sites like Behance.

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Think About Colours and Fonts

Once you have passed the phase of researching what you want, then it is time for you to pick out the fonts and colours you want in your company’s logo. Think about the elements you want to showcase to the world but keep their purpose in mind. Test different colours, styles and patterns. Experiment to see how different colours will look for your brand, how well they stand for who you are and whether you feel like it is your identity when you look at them.

The same applies to fonts as well. Think of your brand when looking at fonts. For instance, an old-school classical font may not be able to fully represent how cutting edge you are. You can find font ideas & generate yours free at FontSpace.

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Consider Your Audience

This one is very important because your audience is actually going to be party looking at your logo or your calling card first hand. So, their opinion should matter the most. Get their feedback to get an idea of what designs appeal to them and what just do not work. Getting their feedback throughout the process will help you know what kind of designs make them think about you.

So, if you can tap into your customer’s mind with a design that works, you will be able to come up with a logo that targets the very audience you want to attract. This should be your main goal. Social platforms like Quora & Reddit can help you get an idea of what people are discussing or looking for in a specific niche.

Get a Brief Together 

The design and the art department should be left for the professionals, so before you hand them over the task, make sure that you can prepare a blueprint or get a brief together for your designers. Your brief should include all the things you need in your logo and other requirements such as;

  • Who your competitors are and what do they do?
  • What inspires and attracts you the most in the designs that you’ve seen so far?
  • What your business is all about and what does it stand for?
  • Why do you want your business’s logo to stand out from the crowd?

To Summarise…

Your brand’s or business’s logo is vital for it. Great logos attract great clients. And great clients make great businesses. They let you connect to your audience and tell potential customers who you are and what your services are all about. Therefore, take your sweet time thinking about your brand and understanding the importance of a well-designed logo.

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