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Umm, we get it right? New Year and The New You with New Resolutions. But, carrying a personality with a confident and relaxed look is pretty important. We know summer is tough, right, and all we working humans want is cooling freshness, especially in rising temperatures. Style with professionalism – Boom! What a dead combination.

This is 2024, and we are not just into buying the one that is already designed. We are in a world of personalisation, where we opt for what we want and add what belongs to us.

Yes, we mean custom printed options here. Being professional with your own style is key.

What are the Best Summer Workwear Outfits for Men?

Lightweight Suit with Light Colours

Lightweight Suit with Light Colours

Try with a lightweight suit in breathable fabrics, such as linen or cotton. Stick to lighter colours such as beige, light grey or navy blue which reflects the sun. Pair it with a fresh button-down and leather loafers to look great.

The Short/Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirts

The Short/Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirts

Often rendered in lightweight cotton or linen in solid colours or subtle patterns. It goes perfectly with tailored trousers or chinos in the smart-casual look.

Custom Printed Workwear
Our work clothes are of high quality, durable and fashionable while meeting all your functional needs.

 “P” for Perfect Polos – Opt Customisation

Classic polo shirts come second to none for ensuring both comfort and style even in scorching summer time days. Go for great quality in solid-coloured pure cotton or moisture-wicking patterns. Stylishly worn with chinos or tailored shorts for a casually smart appearance.

Chinos or lightweight trousers

In cool fabrics, consider wearing lightweight trousers or chinos, preferably cotton or linen. Go for lighter colours, like khaki, light grey, or beige, to keep yourself cooler from the summer sun. Dress them down with a button-up or polo for an outfit that easily transitions from daytime to evening.

Loafers or Boat Shoes

Keep your footwear lighter and breathable style with loafers or boat shoes. Consider a neutral-colored pair in leather or suede – brown or tan – for a stylish shoe that easily transitions to happy hour with you after work.

Linen Blazer

A linen blazer is an elegant addition to your summer work wardrobe. Look out for a lightweight blend in linen, neutral beige or light blue and layer it on a button-up or polo for a relaxed yet business way.

Pants & Shorts

Tailored shorts would be ideal for something like a casual work environment or casual Fridays. Choose chino or linen shorts in neutrals and team them back with a polo or short-sleeve button-up to create a relaxed, sophisticated look.

Lightweight Sweater or a Cardigan

A lightweight sweater or a cardigan will keep you protected from the icy burst of office air conditioning or cool summer evenings. Pick from cool fabrics like cotton or linen in neutral colours to match just about anything in your closet.

What are the Best Summer Workwear Outfits for Women?

Blouses, Light in Weight

Lightweight blouses in light colours are preferable. Try to opt for short or three-quarter-length sleeves so you feel cooler in the heat but still well-presented. Team these with either tailored trousers or a pencil skirt for a more professional appearance.

You can have the options of brushed scuba pants or Bermuda shorts with breathable button-up shirts.

Wrap Dresses

An easy summer workwear option is a wrap dress. It cinches your waist and is lightweight. Look for dresses in lightweight fabric like cotton or chiffon.

Whether you opt for classic prints or prefer to keep it solid, it always exudes timelessness yet stylish in a breeze from office to after-work events. Else you may have the options for tie-waist midi dresses or bow modal dresses.

Pants & Shorts

Offered by chic brands because, yes, that is exactly what tailored shorts are. In more laid-back work environments, tailored shorts are acceptable to keep fresh in the summer. Styles are to be in lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen, and in either knee length or just above the knee. Pair them with a blouse or a lightweight sweater and loafers for a polished look.

Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers make the chicest work ensembles for summer, lending an ideal update to your traditional office wear. Look for those designed in lightweight material such as cotton or linen and in neutral colours or subtle prints for utmost versatility. Wear a tucked-in blouse and heels to pretty up the look.

Sleeveless Blouses

A blouse that is without sleeves is a great way to stay cool during the seasons of sweltering heat, but then, of course, be very professional. Stick to the ones that are high-neck or even high-neck with some detailing. Layer it under a blazer or cardigan for an officious look, or let it stand on its own with tailored pants or a midi skirt.

You can opt for a wide-strap square-neck tank with ankle-length trousers, a short-sleeve jumpsuit, or an oversized collared shirt with jeans.

Breathable Skirts

Opt for skirts in breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to beat the summer heat. The A-line or pencil silhouette is very flattering and office-ready. To complete the modern look, tuck a blouse or lightweight sweater into it and put on flats or heels.

Light Blazers

Light blazers are equally of the essence for layering in air-conditioned offices or during cooler summer evenings. Always opt for the light in style, breathable fabrics like linen or cotton in neutral colours or pastels for versatility. Layer them over dresses, blouses, or camisoles to add that finishing touch.

Ok Wait Again, Check These Tips for Summer Workwear

Brighter Colours

Colours play a cool role in your wardrobe. They display your personality and freshness. Always opt for the one that actually makes you happy. Add some lighter and brighter colours to your summer work wardrobe with pastel business casual to brighten that office setting.

Pair with a tighter-fitting top to retain comfort in your ensemble while you’re keeping cool in those pastels. On the other hand, how about playing with your pleated front pants with bold colour shirts.

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Lighter Fabrics

Consider light and breathable materials like cotton, linen, and chambray. This will help in increased air circulation inside your clothes making you feel cool all day long.

In such temperatures, where the nature of the heat and coolness of the days switch every day, our custom printed workwear will assert a voguish statement at well-nigh any event, at any occasion.

Keep It Short

Now think of adding a short-sleeve version to the professional-sleek look come summertime. Our custom printed t-shirts or personalised tunics will help though as we promise both fabric & printing quality.

You can even try them with custom printed cool pants or flared pants to flaunt with confidence.

Play Up Professional Details

This balance can be achieved by mimicry with an office retrospect. Chic emphasises Professional details and switches to short dresses, panelled hemlines, breezy silhouettes, and more in the case of office wear if styled well.

Get an example like add your personal touch to your workwear to look different yet follow the dress code. Always keep the insights of your office clothing context to plan smartly.

Think Breathability

Then, trade out the heftier fabrics with more breathable ones in the casual and breezy silhouette from our collection. We suggest exploring our products first and then decide what you need for your personalised touch.

How about designing from a blend of cotton and linen, a skirt of this size easily glides from the office out to after-hours happy hours with women streetworx tee shirts.

Accessorise Minimally

Minimise the number of accessories to avoid looking too polished and professional in the summer months. Opt for lightweight jewellery and accessories that won’t weigh you down or add to the heat.

A simple and decent pendant necklace or stud earrings can add sophistication without overpowering your outfit. Try your complete look with anklets or rings to look fine and relaxed.

Incorporate Breathable Footwear

Ensure that you have a pair of breathable shoes that will enable your feet to stay fresh and comfortable all day long.

Opt to use sandals, loafers, or flats that are open at the front, and don’t put on shoes that come with too much padding or insulation, which will leave you with clunky, uncomfortable feet in the hot weather that tends to make them somewhat clammy or moist all day.


Mastering the art of summer work outfits is essential for navigating the warm weather while maintaining professionalism in the office. Images provide ample inspiration for refreshing your work wardrobe with stylish and practical options.

By investing in wardrobe staples like lightweight blouses, tailored trousers, and versatile tank tops, you can effortlessly create chic and comfortable summer work ensembles. Paying attention to material type and construction ensures that your outfits are both breathable and polished, meeting the demands of both office dressing and the summer heat.

Whether you’re in a corporate setting or out in the field with tradies, adhering to the dress code while incorporating elements of summer dressing is key. With the right pair of trousers and strategic layering, you can stay cool, confident, and professional throughout the warm weather months.

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