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Selection of Hard Hats For Safety At Work

Selection of Hard Hats For Safety At Work

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Hard hats are an essential part of personal protective equipment in the field of construction, mining, manufacturing, electrical, and engineering. They provide safety against the potential hit or falling object on the head along with the electric shock. Hard Hats falls in the category of Industrial workwear. The following article helps you to know about the types of hard hats by category and design. Also, what one needs to consider while selecting an appropriate hard hat for a specific job.

Safety Hard Hat
Safety Hard Hat

The basic form of a hard hat is composed of an outer shell as a headcover. It has the suspension band underneath, which is also adjustable by size and fitting of the person who wears it. It should be water-resistant and must be made of slow-burning material.

Following are the types of hard hats by protection, value and design.

Different Types Of Hard Hats

There are mainly two types of hard hats:

Hard Hat Type 1:

The hard hat saves the person’s head from the blow of any object coming from above.

Hard Hat Type 2:

The hard hat type two covers the lateral sides of the head along with the top.

The hard hats are also classified and designed for a particular work and industry type. They can be sub-categorized into three different types.

Different Types of Hard Hats
Different Types of Hard Hats

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General Hard Hat Class G

Class G hard hats are most commonly used in the fieldwork of manufacturing, construction, mining, engineering, and other general fields where there is a chance of falling off something on the head. The primary purpose of the C class hard hat is to protect the head of the worker. Therefore, it has a limited voltage protection which is marked as up to 2,200 volts only.

Electric Hard Hat Class E

The class E hard hats are specifically designed to protect the worker for electrical-related occupations. Therefore, they are also called Electric hard hats. This type of head coverage protects against high voltage shocks up to 20,000 volts.

Girl Wearing Electric Hard Hat Class E
Girl Wearing Electric Hard Hat Class E

Conductive Hard Hat Class G

The conductive hard hats that fall in class G are designed to protect the worker’s head from mild hits and are light in weight. However, they are not meant for the electrician as they don’t protect against the electric conductors.

Hard Hat Selection & Maintenance

While selecting the hard hat as personal protective equipment, one must look for maximum protection of the head top and lateral sides.

Fitting and Suspension system

The fitting of the hard hat is the most critical factor. The outer shell is attached to the inner frame, which should be adjustable with the head size. In addition, the suspension system should raise the outer head cover by one inch to minimize the impact of the hit.

Man Wearing Hard Hat Class G
Man Wearing Hard Hat Class G

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Regular Inspection  

The hard hats need regular inspections of the upper cover shell and suspension system. There should not be any crack on the surface, and the suspension should provide a perfect fit on the head. The loose rest also raises the chances of risk and injury of the worker. Therefore, it is recommended to change the lower frame every year.

In case a hard hat saved you from a hit and sustained an impact, you must dispose of it or at least change the shell because the damage might not be visible immediately.

Damaged Hard Hats
Damaged Hard Hats

Care & Storage

Do not leave your hard hat in direct sunlight or in extreme temperature conditions for an extended period of time. Both hot and cold temperature exposure makes the plastic shell brittle and degrades it early. Do not place anything between the suspension and shell i.e., pencil, ballpoint, etc. Use plain water and detergent to wash the hard hat shell and wipe dry. Avoid chemical cleaning because some chemicals like gasoline can make the body weak by showing on the surface.

Hard Hats Accessories

The hard hats designs are available in various options to amplify by providing extra comfort, resizable adjustments, well balanced, and customized to the specific environment and temperature variations.

Hard Hat with Torch
Hard Hat with Torch

The employer and workers can choose the ventilated hard hat, a shell made of carbon fiber which makes the headgear lighter in weight. In addition, it comes with LED lights for smooth operation at night. The hard hats also come with a face-protecting transparent sheet and ear cover for hearing protection.

Final Giveaway

The hard hats are essential for the safety and protection of the worker, working in the field. However, the level of security and risk of injury varies with the area of industry. The article is covering the types of hard hats for specialized fields and associated hazards. It will also guide you on how to select and take care of your hard hat from the safety and protection point of view.

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