Work Pants: How To Select the Right One?

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Know exactly what you need to consider, to buy work pants for your workwear!

When you are working in an active workplace, you have to be up and running all the time and mostly outdoors in messy conditions. The right type of clothes, in such conditions, will not only make you feel comfortable but also keep you safe. So, regardless of where you work, if you are outdoors for the majority of your day at work, you need the highest quality work pants to keep you safe.

If we think about it, buying work pants should be a very simple and easy process because at the end of the day they are just a pair of pants. However, it is not. You do not want to buy the wrong pants. When shopping you will come across brands with different types of pants with very extravagant features, but that’s not what you need to focus on.

You need to know exactly what you have to look for in work pants when buying from the workwear section of a website. To make the process smooth as butter for you, we have written this article to guide you through the process. Here’s everything you need to look for in workwear pants:


Durability comes first even if you are more interested in how the pants will look. You need your work clothes to last longer than your normal clothes. You should not want to buy yourself cheap work pants that will come apart sooner than too you expect and nor do you want to buy cheap pants that will not last long. So, you need to weigh your options carefully.

You get the most value for your money when you invest in durable clothes. Durable pants will last you for a year or at least 6 months. And it is not just about the value, but you can also rely on your durable pants in case of a mishap or when you are working in conditions such as flames or welding.

But also remember that you do not need to substitute proper personal protection equipment (PPE) with whatever work pants you buy. However, you also need to buy work pants that can defend you in certain conditions.

Surprisingly, you can find water-resistant pants and pants that can handle a glancing blow from a saw. Such pants are made to keep you dry, so you do not even have to change your clothes when you are working.

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Comfort after durability always. That’s the unspoken rule of workwear. However, the majority of people forget to take comfort under consideration when shopping for work pants. Just think about it. Every person out there will choose a worn-out pair that is very comfortable over a new pair that doesn’t fit properly. This is the reason why comfort is a crucial factor when looking for work pants. Most workwear brands have the same size charts, so it won’t be a task to find the perfect size.

Another thing very closely related to comfort that you have to look for is breathability. Women can opt for vented pants that have a flat front and a curved shaped waistband for the most flattering fit and comfort at the same time. Plus, vented pants also have open mesh for the sole purpose of breathability. So, they check all the boxes. They do not trap heat and humidity and as a result, keep you cool when you are working in hot conditions or directly under the sun.

One more factor to look at, that also falls under the category of comfort, is weight. Look for pants that are not only cool but also check out when it comes to weight. Lightweight pants allow you to work and utilise your productivity to the maximum without worrying about the weight of the pants weighing you down. Lighter pants also decrease the strain on your lower body when working.

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Weight (in Relation to the Fabric) 

We have already discussed the importance of weight when it comes to shopping for bottoms because it is directly related to comfort. However, the material or the fabric used to make the pants determines the actual overall weight of the pants. So, pants made from heavier fabrics can weigh as much as 400g, and they are more suitable for heavy-duty work. On the other hand, those made from lighter fabrics may feel less durable but are perfect when you have to work in warmer temperatures.


The material or the fabric with which the pants are made is also important. You may like to wear jeans daily because you are comfortable, or maybe you like how cotton feels and the denim may feel comfortable if you keep wearing and washing it. However, denim is also thicker than other materials, and it is also sometimes lined with other fabrics such as fleece or flannel which is not a good option for hotter climates but perfect for when you have to work in cold weather.

You can find other fabrics that are more durable than denim including fabrics such as canvas, cotton duck, and cotton. The pants made from such fabrics may be a little on the pricier side of the spectrum than denim work pants, but they are worth all that money. Cotton duck is quite sturdy, and it even has a smooth surface, so it is an excellent choice for people who work outdoors especially in windy areas because cotton duck can block the wind. You will be surprised to know that it actually a very common material found in work jackets.

Canvas, on the other hand, works perfectly fine in high heat situations even if it is not flame resistant. One thing that is worth mentioning here is that both materials that we have just discussed with you require a breaking-in period.

Do not forget to read the label on the pants you buy for extra information about the fabric because some professions such as welding or inflammable conditions require you to wear bottoms that are inherently flame retardants. So, read the label.

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The fitting of the pants is also directly related to comfort but fitting largely affects how the pants look on you when worn. There are actually three main types of fitting of work pants, namely:

Slim: This is the more modern type of fit of work pants. Slim-fit pants have slimmer legs, but they are not too tight thus still providing you room for movement. Moreover, the leg openings are designed to fit inside whatever work boots you wear.

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Classic: The classic fit is the most common fit of the three. It is the average kind of fitting preferred by most women and men.

Relaxed: Relaxed fit resembles the classic fit when worn. However, it has extra room for movement in the thigh area, and it is also baggier in the rear.
Choose the type of fit that suits you the best but also consider comfort, durability, breathability, and the type of fit your workplace requires you to wear. If your workplace has a designated uniform then you have to keep the dress code in mind.

Special Features 

When you surf the internet to buy a pair of pants you will come across many special terms and special features such as reinforced construction or seams, heavy-duty zippers, triple-stretched, and the like. With so many options and features, it is easy to get confused and intimidated. So, to make your pant shopping journey as smooth as possible, here is a breakdown of some features you are most likely to encounter. With all these various options, it is easy to get daunted and confused.

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Rivets of pants are metal pieces that are responsible for making the seams of the pants even more durable.

Triple-Needle Seams 

Pants with triple-needle seams are more durable as compared to the ones with regular seam construction. Pants with this design do not fall apart even when they are subjected to recurrent and constant strain and stretch.

Durable Water-Repellent 

DWR is a type of special treatment that keeps water out of your work pants. They are fit for working in water or under the rain. So, if you are someone who has to constantly work under wet conditions, then these are perfect for you.

Bar Tacks 

For even more stitches, bar tacks are used. They play the role of reinforcing the seams further.

Heavy-Duty Zips 

Zippers like YKK are made specifically to withstand dirt, recurrent use, dirt and to last longer.

You may or may not find a pair of pants with all these features. And you may not even need all the features for your job. So, when making a purchase always keep your workplace and its requirements in mind.

Work Wear Laws: Australian 

All workplaces with unavoidable risks usually provide personal protective equipment to the people that work there under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984. The same goes for Australian workplaces because they to be compliant with the law which is very important in choosing the right workwear be it shirts, pants, jackets, or suits. The employees also need to wear their PPE the right way which also includes their pants. Plus, wearing the right workwear is also important for safety because it helps avoid accidents.

Concluding It Up 

Work pants are included in the category of skin protection. So, when buying them durability and comfort should be your priorities. They will do their job only when they are bought in the right specifications. PPE must be your last line of defence when working in extreme conditions. With our guide by your side, you’re all set to look for your next pair of work pants.

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