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The Ultimate Workwear Outfit Guide for Tradie Ladies 2023
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The Ultimate Workwear Outfit Guide for Tradie Ladies 2023

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Men have traditionally controlled the trades and construction industries, but this is gradually changing. More girls at school are learning that the trades and construction profession is a possibility for them when they graduate, and more firms are hiring female tradespeople.

Unfortunately, just a tiny fraction of tradespeople in Australia are women. Women comprise only 3 percent of the trade workforce and hold only one out of every 100 positions. Hacia Atherton (founder of Empowered Women in Trades) aims to boost the percentage of women in trade apprenticeships to 25 percent by 2030.

So it is unsurprising that images of muscular males wearing overalls and work belts come to mind when we think of mechanics, carpenters, or electricians. Even though men still vastly outnumber women in most skilled trades occupations, the number of female tradies has been slowly increasing in recent years, which is fantastic news for all tradie ladies.

Building a Future in the Tradies

Tradie Lady in a Work Environment
Tradie Lady in a Work Environment

Build a Good Support

Having mentors, colleagues and friends in the same business is crucial; they can provide you with invaluable advice, and understand what you are dealing with.


Networking is critical at any level of your career, but it is more important when you are initially starting. Let everyone in your range of connections, both online and in person, know that you are available for jobs, and don’t be reluctant to ask individuals for referrals.

Embrace Your Strengths

You should not be scared to utilise your strengths, regardless of their nature. Use your strengths to expand your business and profile as a tradesperson. Always be clear while talking and expressing your perspective; this will help you accomplish your tasks more efficiently.

Employer Selection

Choosing the right firm to work for is vital for your career journey. If you do not intend to be self-employed, you should seek a work environment where your supervisors and coworkers are pleased to have you as an employee. Having an employer and coworkers willing to invest time in coaching and sharing advice can significantly impact your career advancement.

Work Outfit Essentials for Tradies 2023

Following are the best work outfits essential for tradies in 2023:

Construction sites and comparable jobs are often busy areas, with many potential risks, so making sure you are visible is crucial. High visibility will make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons and include a warm, fleeced inner to keep you warm and safe, such as this high visibility bomber jacket if not incredibly fashionable! Shop now at Garment Printing.

Safety is the number one priority for workwear, and your working wardrobe must reflect this. Protect your most precious asset, your health and safety, by maintaining a supply of the necessities and ensuring you are always prepared for action.

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Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are essential for a firm, stable grip and resistance to abrasion, even in damp or oily work environments. The best alternatives feature a water-resistant coating that keeps your hands warm and dry, allowing you to carry out your task correctly regardless of the conditions you are working in. You should also choose a seamless structure wherever possible to decrease the chance of rubbing and irritation, and make sure you buy for longevity — the last thing you want is a pesky tear mid-task!

Dust Masks

Dust masks are vital to decreasing the risk of breathing in dust or potentially toxic chemicals or gases and are especially important if you are working in a building or construction trade.

Safety Glasses

Protecting your eyesight is paramount and should not be overlooked in any situation. Using eye personal protective equipment (PPE) is non-negotiable, as your eyes are irreplaceable. The risk of hazardous chemicals, flying debris, or other particles entering the eye can cause excruciating pain and irreversible damage, which can have long-term consequences. Therefore, take proactive measures to prevent mishaps and protect your vision.

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Foam earplugs

Several industries include heavy machinery or operating in loud conditions that sustain a high noise level over a lengthy period. This can hurt your hearing over time. Foam earplugs that are disposable, inexpensive, and simple could potentially prevent a lifetime of hearing and ear problems.


An absolute need on any construction job, a safety helmet is a literal life-saver and should be a total non-negotiable. To keep safe, ensure your helmet complies with safety standard and that the impact resistance fulfils industry criteria. Remember, this is a situation in which taking risks is not an option.

Pants, shirts and shorts

When it comes to workwear, it’s crucial to strike the right balance between safety and comfort, especially for female tradies. 

Women workwear are designed for comfort and flexibility, allowing women to move freely on the job while maintaining safety standards. Women’s tradie shirts, pents and shorts are available in various fabrics and designs, from high visibility to moisture-wicking and breathable options, to suit different job requirements.


A good, sturdy safety boot is essential for tradespeople, and there are several features to consider when selecting one. Steel toe caps are essential; you should also choose a protective steel midsole. A detachable insole should also be included to provide a secure fit and adequate grip. The sole must be made of double-density PU and be shock-absorbent to ensure your safety on every job.

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