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Top 8 Men’s Long Sleeve Work Shirts for Summer

Top 8 Men’s Long Sleeve Work Shirts for Summer

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Summers are here! They are scorching, can heighten your body temperature, cause excessive sweating and leave you highly discomforting. In summers, wearing formal apparel can be gruelling because of their warmer fabric. The fabric material is a crucial component of any shirt. Cotton is soft and breathable but slow to dry. While polyester and nylon have moisture-wicking elements but are less breathable and can hold body odour. Likewise, linen pulls heat away from the body and stimulates airflow. In addition, some fabrics are a blend of various materials. Hence, it would be best to choose those long sleeve work shirts that can keep you cool and trendy.

We have created a list of our top 8 long sleeve work shirts for summer for formal and casual settings. Be sure to check them out!

Syzmik Men’s Rugged Cooling Shirt

Syzmik is an outstanding workwear brand premier shirts. Their Mens Cooling Rugged Shirt is fusion of style, comfort and functionality. It is made from 100% square weave cotton fabric. It features mesh venting to increase airflow in the under arm, upper back and back side seam, and also mechanical stretch for better mobility with two chest pockets, an arm pocket and a roll up sleeve tab. It is available in four amazing colours and sizes ranging from XX-Small upto 7-X Large. This shirt will enable you to work effortlessly while offering solace from the scorching summer heat.

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Men's Rugged Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt
Men's Rugged Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt (blue)

JB’s Close Front Long Sleeve Work Shirt

JB’s is a leading Australian brand producing high-quality workwear. Their Mens Close Front Long Sleeve shirt is our preferred choice for summers. It is a classic fit, made from pure cotton. It boasts closed front design, two front pockets, curved hem with back tail styling and a wide back neck yoke with concealed mesh with cooling gussets at underarm. The shirt is available in navy blue colour and sizes spanning from XX-Small upto 5-X Large.

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Men's Close Front Long Sleeve 150G Work Shirt (Front)
Men's Close Front Long Sleeve 150G Work Shirt (Back)

Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt Regular Fit Poplin Solid

Van Heusen makes subtle lightweight and thin shirts for warm weather. This trendy dress shirt boasts a sharp collar at the top and a big shoulder cut for easy movement. Its fabric material comprises a blend of polyester and cotton wrinkle-resistant and has customizable cuffs. It is highly breathable to keep you cool. It is available in 10 colours, and its sizes range from X-small to 3X-large.

Men's Dress Shirt Regular Fit
Men’s Dress Shirt Regular Fit

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Fly Hawk Men’s Bamboo Fibre Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

Fly Hawk Men’s Bamboo Shirt is chic and an absolute for sweltering weather. Its fabric is made from Tencel and fibre with spandex and cotton blend. In addition, the fabric has moisture-wicking elements, reduces body odour, and its UV protection shields you from ultraviolet rays. It is suitable for formal and casual environments.

Carhartt K126 Men’s Workwear Jersey Pocket Long Sleeve Work Shirt

Carhartt is known to produce durable and high-quality workwear. This long sleeve work shirt for men is composed of heavyweight cotton and has an oversized fit. It is made entirely from cotton and sports a rib-knit crewneck and cuffs. It also features rugged side-seamed construction that reduces twisting and a large pocket on the left side. It is available in a wide array of colours. We consider it ideal for summers and can be worn at any time and place!

Dickies Men’s Temp-iq Performance Cooling Long Sleeve Work T-Shirt

This long sleeve shirt is another favourite choice of ours. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and comprises yarn that conserves cool air for your body temperature. It features sweat-wicking and wrinkle-resistant flexible fabric that also fights body odour. It is available in 9 dark colours with a wide range of sizes.

Cooling Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Cooling Long Sleeve Shirt

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Under Armor Tactical Long Sleeve Shirt

Under Armor is an industry leader in manufacturing durable top-notch sports apparel. The Under Armor tactical long sleeve shirt is made from 100% polyester, and its fabric is soft, fast-drying, and light. In addition, the anti-odor technology counters the growth of microbes leading to odour. It makes your sweat appear right away, is also comfy to wear, comes in 6 colours, and is available in various sizes.

A4 Cooling Performance Crew Long Sleeve Work Tee

The A4 Cooling Performance Crew Tee is made from 100% polyester. It is robust, breathable, and moisture-resistant. The fabric features tight-knit stitching enabling it to resist any tears. In addition, it helps in evaporating any moisture from your body and repels body odour. The shirt is fast-drying, stain-resistant, and can protect you from sunburns. It is available in 17 colours and a range of sizes.

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