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Unveiling Trends: Activewear vs Sportswear Fashion
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Unveiling Trends: Activewear vs Sportswear Fashion

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As health and fitness gain widespread attention, an increasing number of individuals investigate the advantages of athleisure wear and activewear trends.
Leggings, sweatshirts, hoodies, trainers, and sports undergarments have become standard training attire for indoor and outdoor training areas. Everyone appears to have just left the gym, regardless of whether they are grabbing a coffee, meeting companions, or going shopping. People seek clothing that embodies both physical fitness and casual leisure time. Even though activewear and athleisure may be wardrobe essentials, they are distinct sportswear categories.

Activewear vs Sportswear

Activewear is designed for both an active and an informal social life; it can be worn for exercise and then transitioned into casual wear. Sportswear exists at the intersection of activewear and conventional sportswear, initially intended as daytime or leisurewear but eventually adapted for formal settings.

Activewear apparel is more adaptable, fashionable, functional, and comfortable. However, Athleisure is more popular because it incorporates the aesthetics of the fashion and sports industries. As a result, fashion gives sports a lift in respectability, while sports provide the fashion industry with practicality.

How Has the Business Sector Evolved?

Since the activewear industry has existed for a long time, it is far ahead of its competitors. Because of the activewear industry, the athleisure industry must maintain contemporary and comfortable designs. However, a decline in market share causes fashion designers to prioritise trend creation over comfort and functionality.

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Activewear refers to garments or clothing that provide style and function and are made of durable materials and constructed in a way that provides maximum comfort, excellent style, and absolute function.

Clothes such as parkas, hoodies, trousers and crew-neck fleece sweatshirts serve the purpose of exercising and transitioning into casual attire where the clothes’ styles, fabrics and cuts complement people mingling in a simple setting. They are fashion-forward, untailored, and relatively comfortable but are not intended to be ostentatious.

Active individuals who appreciate spending much time outdoors prefer to be casually attired in activewear, which keeps them comfortable, functional, and fashionable. Activewear also comprises a variety of accessories and footwear. This pattern of clothing layout is a sophisticated combination of performance apparel and fashion, allowing it to be utilised for various purposes.

So, can you wear activewear casually?

Yes, indeed! Activewear has transcended the confines of the gym to become everyday casual wear. Thanks to athleisure, a trend that blends the comfort of activewear with style, it’s now socially acceptable to wear yoga pants to the grocery store or a moisture-wicking hoodie for a coffee run.

Activewear’s integration into daily fashion makes it uncommon to see people wearing gym gear in non-sporty environments. These comfortable, stylish, and functional pieces easily transition from the yoga studio to the street, making activewear a staple in many wardrobes.

What does activewear mean in fashion?

In fashion, activewear represents a shift towards comfort, functionality, and versatility without compromising style. With its form-flattering silhouettes and innovative, performance-enhancing fabrics, activewear has blurred the lines between clothing for exercise and everyday wear. It reflects a societal shift towards health and fitness, expressing one’s active, on-the-go lifestyle.

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Team in professional sportswear

Sportswear consists of apparel, footwear, and equipment designed specifically for athletic use. Numerous sports require specific functions, thermal properties, comfort, durability, fabric weight, and numerous other characteristics.

They are designed to enhance the security requirements, comfort essentials, and functionality requirements of professional athletes, outdoor game enthusiasts, and virtually anyone who wishes to engage in physical recreation and exercise. Typically lightweight and durable, sportswear collections include protective gear, trainers, and other specialised garments.

For swimming, different materials are used for the clothing to make them durable. Numerous garments have water-resistant properties. Some have spandex to stretch with the body, while others have superior thermal properties to keep the athlete’s body warm in frigid conditions and cool in warm ones. Therefore, the variety in flexibility, design, and material is less than that of activewear.

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Sports Equipment

Sportswear is also considered part of sports equipment. For example, fitness instructors, helmets, and Australian football body shields are all examples of apparel. Sportswear includes golf shirts, leotards, damp matches, sports undergarments, etc.

The primary purpose of sportswear is to complement a particular sport and its protective equipment. In some instances, unique sportswear serves as uniforms for specific sports. For example, sportswear for combat sports, such as martial arts, differs from other clothing.

What is casual sportswear called?

Casual sportswear, often synonymous with activewear, is also called athleisure. It’s all about clothing that serves dual purposes – suitable for sports and casual outings. Athleisure pieces like joggers, tennis shoes, or sports jackets have been adapted into fashionable outfits for social events, work, or other casual occasions.

Are activewear and casualwear interchangeable?

While activewear and athleisure can function as workout apparel that allows for easy movement, athleisure items can be worn with a fashion-forward streetwear aesthetic throughout the day. In contrast, activewear is typically reserved for sports and workouts. Activewear and athleisure overlap with loungewear, intended for optimal relaxation and comfort.

Is Pyjamas a loungewear?

Yes, pyjamas are considered loungewear. While loungewear and activewear might appear similar, they cater to different needs. Loungewear is primarily designed for relaxation and comfort at home, with pieces like pyjamas, bathrobes, or lounging pants. While it shares the comfort aspect with activewear, it may offer a different level of functionality, such as moisture-wicking or stretchability.


In conclusion, the boundaries between activewear and sportswear are increasingly becoming fluid. Each serves a unique purpose, yet collectively they cater to comfort, functionality, and style. Activewear has extended its reach beyond physical activities, while athleisure has successfully made sport-inspired apparel a fashionable norm.

As these trends evolve, so does our understanding of dressing for comfort, style, and performance. No matter your preference, Garment Printing offers a variety of activewear and athleisure pieces. Explore our collections today and find the perfect blend of fashion and function to elevate your wardrobe.

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