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Top Innovative Corporate Apparel Ideas to Elevate Your Brand
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Top Innovative Corporate Apparel Ideas to Elevate Your Brand

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Corporate apparel goes beyond merely providing uniformity among employees. It is an ongoing promotional tool that increases brand visibility and fosters a sense of belonging among team members. In a world where first impressions count, having custom-branded apparel can significantly boost your brand’s image.

The fact that online fast-fashion retailer Shein invested $34 million in digital advertising in the United States demonstrates that advertising is one of the most effective methods to increase brand awareness and sales for a fashion brand.

This article explores unique corporate apparel ideas to help you create a consistent and compelling brand identity in 2023.

Why is it essential to advertise your garment business?

Ads allow you to reach your target audience where they spend most of their time: online. Clothing advertisements are an excellent method to engage your audience, convert them into paying customers, and increase brand awareness simultaneously. Whether selling on Instagram shop, Facebook Marketplace or simply creating social media ads that redirect to your website, ads can help you stand out and cut through the din.

Your apparel ad is the most effective method:

  • To build brand awareness.
  • To shine a spotlight on specific products.
  •  And simultaneously expand your online audience.

Now that you understand why you must run advertisements for your clothing business let’s explore some of the most influential clothing advertisement ideas that can serve as inspiration.

Corporate Apparel Ideas to Elevate Your Brand

Custom Corporate Apparel Ideas

High-Quality Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have long been a favorite in the corporate world, known for their balance of comfort and professionalism. A high-quality polo shirt adorned with your company logo can serve as a daily work outfit, be worn at trade shows or be used as a uniform for your sales team.

Moreover, they come in various colors and styles, giving you ample room to align them with your brand aesthetic.

Here are some Polo Shirts:

Men Ice Polo

Men Chad Polo

Men Pique Polo

Men 210 Pocket Polo

Custom Branded Hoodies

Custom-branded hoodies offer an excellent blend of comfort, style, and practicality for a more casual or creative workplace environment. They are ideal for promoting unity among your team members, particularly during team-building events or retreats. Additionally, hoodies can be an attractive promotional product for younger demographics.

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Hoodie CTA

Corporate Hats

Customised hats are functional corporate apparel items that offer shade during outdoor events and increase your brand’s visibility. Whether worn by your employees or given away as promotional items at trade shows, they spread brand awareness. 

Branded Masks

Branded masks have become essential in corporate apparel as the world adapts to the ‘new normal’. They promote safety and provide a new platform for brand promotion. Investing in high-quality, reusable covers shows that your business prioritises the health and safety of its employees and customers.

Performance Athletic Wear

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle has become a focus for many businesses. Customised athletic wear, such as joggers, tank tops, or performance tees, can be a hit among employees. They are suitable for company sports events or as part of a wellness program.

Custom Printed T-shirts

Custom printed t-shirts are a cost-effective promotional product. With a wide range of design possibilities, these can be used to showcase your brand’s creativity. The humble t-shirt can be a powerful branding tool, from humorous slogans to stunning graphic designs.

Logo-Embossed Tote Bags

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, logo-embossed tote bags are practical and effective for brand visibility. They can be used at trade shows, corporate events, or as a part of an eco-conscious marketing campaign.

Custom Branded Scarves and Gloves

Custom-branded scarves and gloves are thoughtful corporate apparel items for companies in colder regions. They offer warmth while subtly promoting your brand, demonstrating a company’s care for its employees’ comfort during colder months.

Branded Water Bottles

Branded water bottles are a functional and sustainable choice for corporate apparel. They are perfect for promoting hydration in the office, gym, or corporate events. Plus, they emphasise your brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Logo-Printed Socks

Once overlooked, custom socks have now become a trendy corporate apparel item. Logo-printed socks are a fun way to showcase your brand and can serve as creative, memorable giveaways at corporate events or trade shows.

Custom-Designed Ties or Scarves

Custom-designed ties or scarves provide a sense of professionalism and unity for businesses that lean towards formal corporate attire. Whether worn by your sales team or given as a premium gift to clients, they certainly add a touch of sophistication.

Corporate Aprons

Corporate aprons are a practical choice if you’re in the food industry or your company frequently hosts cooking events. They protect the wearer’s clothes while providing a large area for your brand logo or tagline. Aprons can also be an exciting and unconventional corporate gift.

Types of Printing you can choose for your advertisement!

T-shirts are one of the most popular advertising mediums due to their high visibility and extensive use. When conceptualising company T-shirt designs, you have a variety of printing options to choose from. Designs are typically placed on the front and back of t-shirts, maximising exposure for your brand or message.

You should sort the garments according to their prints. You can also choose between two printing techniques depending on the garment type.

Screen Printing

If you are searching for a high-quality method of printing T-shirts, screen printing may be the solution. It affords ample room for artistic and creative expression. It may startle you to learn that screen printing is one of the world’s oldest printing methods.

The process of screen printing entails the creation of design negatives. Then, the Plastisol-coated screen is pressed onto the T-shirt while the screen is covered with a unique pigment called Plastisol.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfer vinyl is one of the most common garment printing techniques professionals and amateurs use. On one side of heat transfer, vinyl is a heat-activated adhesive, while the other side is decorative. You can cut logos, inscriptions, or even intricate designs from vinyl, which you can heat-seal into the fabric.

Many artists use vinyl rather than ink to create durable, raised images on T-shirts. Large-scale professional businesses will utilise industrial-sized cutting machines to create vinyl patterns. However, this technique is notably favoured by home-based artists. Using a primary electronic cutting machine, they can generate vinyl cutouts.


Airbrushing may be a viable option for small enterprises. Nonetheless, it could be better for large-scale commercial operations. Artists will appreciate this technique because it enables exceptionally intricate and artistic designs. This method can be an alternative to screen printing by airbrushing on stencils. It will work if only one coat is applied.

This strategy for T-shirt marketing ideas offers a great deal of flexibility. Airbrushes are utilised in cookery, caricature painting, etc. Airbrushes are inexpensive and require little to get started. The use of various dyes and paint renders the procedure surreal. It may be time-consuming on shirts, but the artistic effect is worthwhile.

Direct-to-Garment Printing

The name suggests the procedure itself. A particular printer on the market applies thin pigment to the fabric of t-shirts. This means that anything that can be printed on paper can be designed. You can make it appear cool by employing intricate graphics, colors, and photographs. The pigment absorbs into the fabric of the shirt.

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It enables the fabric’s upper layer design to be soft rather than rigid. Another advantage is that it can swiftly print multiple designs with no complicated setup. DTG designs appear magnificent on garments but do not last long.

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Dye Sublimation

Sublimation is a professional technique for printing on polyester material. It could be more effective on fabric forms with natural fibres, such as cotton. This sophisticated but costly method uses heat to convert the pigment into a gas that adheres to the fabric. Soft, long-lasting graphics are created using sublimation printing on synthetic textiles like polyester.

Instead of leaving a hefty coating on the fabric, the dye adheres to it, making it appear airy. Consequently, sublimation designs will not disintegrate or fracture. Remember that this process is somewhat expensive and only works on cotton fabrics.

Here are some Hi-Vis Polo:

Men Hi-Vis Aztec Polo

Men Hi-Vis S-S Gap Polo

Men Hi-Vis Contrast Piping Polo

Men HV Non Cuff Black Polo

Men Hi-Vis Cotton Long Polo


Selecting the right corporate apparel is a strategic decision. It should reflect your brand’s image and values, meet your employees’ needs, and appeal to your target audience. Remember, your corporate apparel speaks volumes about your business, so choose wisely.

When choosing high-quality, customisable corporate apparel, Garment Printing has you covered!

We offer a wide range of apparel items, superior screen printing services, and expert guidance to ensure your corporate apparel meets and exceeds your expectations. Start your journey with us to elevate your brand visibility and corporate image in style. Contact us today!

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