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Spice up Your Workwear Style – Tips and Tricks
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Spice up Your Workwear Style – Tips and Tricks

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If you work in a business atmosphere, figuring out how to spice up your dressing may be a struggle between looking polished and remaining cool, while also reflecting the gorgeous weather outside. Get vibrant shaded workwear since a vibrant shade, especially green, is on-trend for 2023 and will break the ice on more formal occasions.

We’ve compiled this style guide for workplace looks and fun ways to layer them. Here are a few ways to style your workwear, from airy co-ords to more elegant designs.  

Printed Workwear 

Remind your employees who you are by wearing a midi dress or wrap dress with a strong print. Not only are these trendy prints extremely figure-flattering, but the pops of colour and playful patterns will also boost your mood. Prints are a terrific way to express yourself, so have fun selecting a fall flower design or different stripe pattern that reflects you!

Printed workwear is the perfect way to promote your business, and we are delighted to provide custom printed options for you.
Different workwear professionals wearing workwear

Personalised to Your Liking!

Flexible working is a way of life: we wear business attire to the office and more casual attire when working from home. However, wearing customised and stylish clothing to an in-person meeting or lunch with clients can increase confidence and signal the transition from home to work.  

You can also ease into formalwear with a blazer paired with a Breton shirt, indigo jeans, faux-leather pants, and box-fresh white sneakers for a creative edge.

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Personalised to your liking! 

Workwear Trousers 

Formal Trousers often pair nicely with suits; they can be pleated or unpleased and have a relaxed or slim fit.

Enhance Your Workwear Essentials  

Investing in timeless workday essentials is a wise decision. First, consider eye-catching layers that can withstand office air-conditioning: fluid blouses, funnel-neck tops to wear under blazers, luxe silk T-shirts, and an elegant trench coat in a timeless shade of stone, camel, navy, or black.

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Monochrome is Always in Fashion 

Black and white looks fantastic in the workplace. Workwear does not have to be dull, however: a white T-shirt with a black leather skirt is the simplest ensemble known for summer. A perfectly ironed white man’s shirt paired with track pants is also fashionable.

Monochrome is always in fashion 

Layered Outfits 

Layered outfits for workwear formal suitable outerwear includes a suit, blazer, or even a waistcoat.  

For example, a four-piece suit and a blazer paired with a shirt are both formal fashion choices. Choose rugs with simple weave patterns and shades of blue, black, dark brown, or darker hues.

Women wear layered Layered Outfits


Women wearing layered layered outfits

Business informal Checked or plaid waistcoats are acceptable, but the colours must be muted and not overly vibrant. In addition, wearing a linen waistcoat and shirt or blazer in the summer is an excellent option for business casual workwear


How can you look amazing in workwear? 

Purchase versatile, high-quality apparel that can be matched and layered. Invest in durable, versatile work attire that can be used every season. Do not overindulge in jewellery. Your outfit will make enough of a statement with simple things. 

How should you dress for a work outfit? 

Shirts with buttons, blouses, sweaters with a snug fit, or a shirt and vest are a few excellent options for work outfits. Unlike formal business workwear, you can also wear bright colours with a business casual dress code

How do you make your work clothes fashionable? 

You can achieve an attractive and fashionable appearance by choosing neutral colours, minimal jewellery, and cosmetics. Choose fitted, modest, and flattering silhouettes to dress elegantly. Choose classic pieces and luxurious-looking fabrics, such as a silk blouse and structured bag. Your clothing should be well-kept and free of wrinkles and tears.

How can you look cool at work? 

Work attire may be readily modernized; mix a blazer with a softer shirt for a cooler look. Do not feel compelled to use only navy and black colours. Burgundy and maroon are fashionable selections for autumn and winter. 

Instead of resting your collar flat like your peers, raise it. It will make you stand out until everybody copies your style. You may also wear a colourful collared shirt under your uniform and pop both collars for a distinctive effect. 

How can you spice up your work uniform? 

Bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings are excellent options for accessorizing your work uniform without violating the dress code.

How can you look professional and classy? 

Always wear clean, well-pressed apparel. Choose well-fitted clothing and avoid wearing anything excessively tight or too loose. Wear shoes that are clean and shiny. Maintain a classic hairstyle and natural hair colour. 

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