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What to Wear on Your First Day of Work
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What to Wear on Your First Day of Work

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The first day of work – Can be exciting and perplexing. It is exciting because you got the job, and it is worrisome because you have a big responsibility on your shoulders. It also includes the perturbation of whether or not you will be able to meet the expectations of your superiors or not.

Many characteristics make you a good employee, such as professionalism, productivity, work ethic, appearance, etc. And as such, on the first day, your appearance is probably the first aspect of your personality that your superiors and colleagues might notice. Therefore, you must select the most promising outfit for the first day of work.

Likewise, we have created a list of ideas to help you choose the right workwear outfit for the first day of work.

Planning In Advance

It is essential to plan. You should have no qualms about the dress code in your workplace. For instance, is there a requirement to wear formal business attire, or is casual wear preferred? Accordingly, you can plan what to wear, go shopping for any missing workwear items in your wardrobe.

Girl Searching Workwear for First Day of Work
Girl Searching Workwear for First Day of Work

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Be Creative!

Show some innovation when choosing the outfit for your first day. Avoid overdressing and wearing a dress that makes you look bland and tedious. Add a spell of creativity by wearing a vibrant top, a scarf with intricate patterns, and professional heels. However, be mindful of not overdoing it.

Avoid Wearing Flashy Accessories

Be mindful that it is your workplace, and they have their own work culture. You should avoid wearing gaudy accessories that may invite unwanted gazes from your colleagues and superiors on your first day. You could wear small earrings or an elegant necklace to compliment your dress.

Dress Decently

Another critical point to consider on your first day of work is to wear a decent outfit. A survey revealed that 44% of the managers would not promote an employee wearing provocative clothes[1].. Therefore, be mindful that your dress is not skimpy or revealing. You certainly would not want to impede your promotion, attract deleterious attention, and be recognized as a known person for showing skin. 

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Your shoes compliment your clothes, therefore attentively choose them. You will have to commute and move to the office and may also have to move within your office. Consequently, your shoes must be comfortable, sturdy, and sleek.

Wear Appropriate Footwear
Wear Appropriate Footwear

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Quality Over Quantity

Accumulating lots of outfits for your workplace is not ideal. These outfits could also be of poor quality. In addition, you should eschew wearing shabby and stained tops.

It is advisable to buy a top-notch dress for flaunting a striking appearance in the eyes of colleagues and bosses. 

Go For A Sleek Look

Pick an outfit that is bespoke and refined. Avoid wearing casual clothes on your first day. You can wear classy jeans with a subtle top or a blazer. Similarly, your footwear should also display a trendy and modern look. 

Stay Simple!

Choose simplicity over flamboyance. Avoid donning garish accessories and heavy makeup. Wearing a refined and straightforward outfit will make you appear pleasant and approachable to your colleagues, which is a stepping-stone for building stronger professional relationships. 

Don’t Forget To Iron.

To appear presentable, iron your outfit to get rid of those undesirable wrinkles. The survey also highlighted that over 43% of the managers said they would not like to promote employees who wear wrinkled clothes[2]. Hence, always wear wrinkle-free ironed clothes!

Don't Forget To Iron
Don’t Forget To Iron

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Dress According To Your Industry

You must dress according to your respective industry. Whether you are working in a well-established law firm, a tech startup, or a social media-related firm – your outfit will vary accordingly. Wearing formal business attire in a casual tech startup will seem incongruous. Conversely, wearing casual wear in a law firm is unseemly.

Try Matching Outfits And Accessories.

Your entire appearance is augmented by how you match your outfit and accessories. You can compare the colours, patterns, and texture of your top and trousers. Similarly, you could wear a blue necklace with a dark blue blazer. It is essential to balance your appearance.

Decent Outfit & Accessories
Decent Outfit & Accessories

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The first day of work is immensely significant, and fretting over selecting the right outfit to wear can drain you. Generally, your attire should be presentable and comfortable with innovative accessories. Follow the aforementioned ideas to dress most fittingly and impress your colleagues and superiors.

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