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Tips on How To Care For Scrubs

15 Tips on How To Care For Scrubs

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Doctors, nurses, and other medical staff are exposed to various diseases, viruses, and bacteria. The situation has aggravated after the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. Under such circumstances, it becomes imperative to wear proper healthcare uniforms such as scrubs to avoid contracting contagious diseases. Likewise, taking care of scrubs is also essential. Adequate care for scrubs will ensure protection against any bacteria and stains and boost their longevity. 

We have listed some vital tips on how to take care of medical scrubs. 

What Is The Importance of Medical Scrubs?

Medical scrubs are crucial because they improve sanitation and minimise contamination. They are made from a sturdy fabric material that safeguards against various bacteria and viruses. Healthcare professionals engage in gruelling work, and as such medical scrubs provide them with comfort, convenience, and easy mobility. They also help identify the medical staff to provide proper and swift medical treatment when required. Finally, medical scrubs tend to be highly cost-efficient and can stand wear and tear for years.

Importance of Medical Scrubs
Importance of Medical Scrubs

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How To Care For Scrubs.

Buy Quality Scrubs

Poor quality scrubs are prone to stains, wrinkles, and other damages which may jeopardise protection against contagious diseases. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in premium quality scrubs.

Pre-Treat Scrubs

In order to prevent fading and maintain the colour of scrubs, it is adequate to pre-treat them with colour bleach or vinegar. If your scrubs aren’t pre-treated, there is a likelihood of colour fading and visible stains.

Vinegar Is The Remedy.

Don’t forget to add a tablespoon of white vinegar into the water before placing any clothing item or putting the detergent. Vinegar’s acidic properties will help release the zinc salts or aluminium chloride, which will do away with the stains. Additionally, vinegar will also help maintain the colour of the fabric, and it is also an excellent disinfectant. 

Wash Them Separately

It is advisable to separately wash your scrubs and avoid mixing them with another laundry. You can wash the dark colours together while washing the light colours separately.

Wash The Scrubs Twice 

To eliminate germs and contamination, it is necessary to wash your scrubs in two processes. Wash your scrubs turned inside out in cold water with detergent in the first process. For the second process, you can apply the stain remover for persistent stains and wash scrubs in warm, be sure to add ¾ cup of colour-safe bleach. Afterwards, leave them to dry for 30 minutes or more and then iron them at hot temperatures to eradicate any remaining bacteria.

Wash The Scrubs Twice
Wash The Scrubs Twice

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Wash At High Temperatures

Industry experts recommend washing your scrubs at high temperatures, with the ideal temperature at 60 degrees celsius. It will effectively obliterate any persistent harmful germs.

Iron At High Temperatures

Besides keeping your scrubs look tidy and fresh, hot ironing will also protect against germs. It will kill any remaining bacteria that may have survived the rigorous washing process.

Use A Dryer

It would be best if you dried your scrubs in a dryer on the lowest temperature setting. However, keep in mind that the high temperatures of the dryer may also fade away the colours. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the lowest setting.

Sift Through Your Scrubs.

After washing and drying your scrubs, it is recommended to examine them for any remaining stains, holes, or loose fibres. If you witness them, make sure to fix them.

Storage of Scrubs

After the thorough washing, drying, and ironing process, you should either hang them up in a plastic bag or fold them and place them in a drawer. 

Use Mild Detergents

It is recommended to use mild detergents. A mild detergent is gentle on the clothing, unlike other detergents that contain enzymes or abrasives. 

Don’t Procrastinate When Treating Stains.

Letting stains stay for extended periods on your scrubs can have adverse effects. It can lead to permanent stains on your scrubs. Therefore, you are advised to wash your scrubs promptly.

Purchase More Than One Pair 

You should buy more than one pair of scrubs. Every day, wearing one pair of scrubs will stiffen the wear and tear process. Hence you should buy at least two pairs. It will also guarantee that you have one pair available when the other one is getting a wash.

Only Wear Scrubs At Work.

You should wear your scrubs only inside the hospital. Place them in a robust plastic bag and take them out once in the medical facility. It will help against any contamination.

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Care for Scrubs

Avoid Spraying Perfumes And Rubbing Lotions.

It would be best to avoid spraying perfumes or rubbing lotions on the scrubs as the stains from perfumes and lotions can be hard to remove.

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