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Plus Size Clothing 13 ideas for women (Trending in 2023)

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It is always a critical situation when women have to decide what to wear? Whether she is going on a date, dining out with her fiance, have to attend a formal party or even going out for coffee or drinks with friends. We all feel unsure of what to wear but when we are plus size it is even more difficult to make up our mind. The thought of being plus-size takes away our excitement of dressing up.

It is absolutely an uncalled for negative feeling. I would like you to stop right here, because I am planning your fashion and style wardrobe for 2023 and onwards, in which I will answer all your concerns and give solutions to your problems. Because no women deserve to lose the pleasure of dressing up and should be totally felt up to the mark by the fashion trends.

Before I help you to create your capsule wardrobe, It is important for you to understand,  what fashion really is? Or who makes the fashion trends?

What is Fashion

Wikipedia explains:

Fashion is a form of self-expression and autonomy at a particular period and place and in a specific context, of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body posture.”

By the above definition, your personality, aura and how you look will be your fashion. If I simplify it even further, fashion is what you wear by following the trends established by the industry that looks good on your body type and is comfortable at the same time.

Find your Fashion

How one can find the right fashion for themselves, is a very valid and important question? We are living in a world that is so diverse and unique. And that makes the world so colourful, different and exciting to look at. What if I ask you to put the same formula on yourself. You and your fashion should be determined, first by analysing your physicality, height/size, skin tone and your personal choice of colours, patterns, fabrics, forms and styles.

Secondly, fashion should be adapted to make yourself feel happy, comfortable and pleasant looking. So any fashion trends which make you uncomfortable to follow should be dropped off immediately.

Plus size Myth

Plus size is really a myth at this point in time when we are living in the 21st century, and the motto is to “celebrate diversity and respect all” as a basic right of all and share the world.

I can tell you at my fingertips that there is a whole buzzing fashion industry niche flourishing by focusing on customised plus-size clothing design and production. So, Plus size is a new trend.

You must be thinking that apparently the fashion campaigns and the models which you see in advertisements are lean but trust me it is changing rapidly.

Now, when we understand the basic premise of what fashion is and what you should consider picking the right set of clothes. So without any further delay, let me take you on your exclusive fashion tour for your plump and gorgeous curvy body.

These 13 fashion trends will brighten up your dressing-up ritual for 2023 and onwards.

Stripe it up

Wearing striped cloth creates a visual flow of body contours. Whether you are busty or own a chubby hip, it works both ways. So, one dress is a must-have for your styling wardrobe.

Casual is Cool

Are you a woman whose comfort is the prime concern and also a basic requirement for your Profession? Casual shirts in plain flat colours should be your first grab. Size plus carries any colour they like, do try it before you buy it. Shrugs over tight tops add to the style statement.

Jeans & Jags

The women’s daily wear natural choices are jeans and jags. Which is a very practical and comfortable solution. Jags really are the “jack of all clothes” it is available in all sizes, colours, even prints and fabric qualities. Similarly, if you opt for jeans, options are not bleak, you can pick from straight, loose, boot cut, high rise, low rise and mid-rise. All these types will go with plus size as you stay conscious of your comfort as a priority.

Top to Pitch

The fashion trend in 2023 is a comeback of the 50s, and 60s infusion. Plus size fits well everywhere, flare shirts are made for your body type, darker coloured will add a touch of formal standing, and lighter pastels give an artistic friendly vibe.

Floral Skirts and Midi Dress Elegance

Floral prints look like women carrying nature inside out. The tip for plump girls is to pick up smaller floral prints instead of big ones. Floral long, medium-size skirts, and flowy casual cut midi dresses enhance your charm and add all the style you need.

Schick Grace

The white or pastel top and blue jeans never get out of fashion for anyone. It is such a universal combination and a neutral must-have wardrobe item that works in all situations only leave aside your wedding may be… Curves can be gracefully seen in good-fit jeans and interesting necklines to add style.

Flash in Black

Black dress is the majesty of formal party wear, and it is a timeless choice for you to have in the closet. This year the metallic gloss and an accent cut of a dress will make a deadly fusion. The slit cut or shoulder off the neckline with a fishtail flare brighten up your evenings. If you like to stay semiformal, lace is pretty much in solid deep colours.

Wrap dress and bodysuit style

This is the key stylistic form of dress which is a perfect combo of comfort and oomph. Saturday nights, hang out with friends and artistic workplace, all will be covered if you have two such items hanging in your wardrobe. Solid colour and variation of sleeve size would reflect your fashion statement.

Frock Rocks

Frocks and straight cut midis, suits more on chubby bodies than lean figures. It covers enough, and it enhances enough to show what you got. The design options are unlimited, you can use border print designs, checkers and plain flat colours. Frock rocks in any shape and their flowy feel is a bliss for you and others to look at you.

Yellow is New Black

The hues of yellow are in for good as the trending colour for this year. This means that one of your favourite dress types should have a ting of it. It also says that the complementary and contrasting colours to yellow will also be seen in the clothing market and fashion mags. It is recommended to wear this vibrancy on parties special dinner like your date night.

Funk it Up

Oh! You are a rebel, then you are the one who would like to take risks in thing, that makes your life adventures and let your inner seeker explore beyond given. Then the sky is the limit for you, and you create your own fashion. Your choice range, starts with basic inner, with coloured jackets and indie design tops to ripped jeans with shrugs of ever a wrap-around neck scarf.

Maxi Sexy and Kaftan Bliss

If I tell you, girls, out there that Maxi’s and kaftan cuts are the best for the plus-size body as it has a flaring flow and a variety of print and form options. It is a loyal wardrobe item to serve you on family dinners, festivals and galas, music events and formal meetings.

Formal Corporate

You are a Lady boss, and you are the one who set rules for others. You must have a formal dress and a suit jacket in your capsule wardrobe. 2023 fashion trends are suggesting having a combination of colours and black/grey range for jackets. Dresses should follow the body line that compliments the heavenly curves.

Fashion Aftermath: 

Now you all have a brief but overall insight into the trends and fashion priorities for 2023 and ahead. It is important for you to understand that you don’t need to have All the clothing types which are on the list. You must select a combination of dresses by realising your daily routine, your profession and your lifestyle. For example, if I am working from home and my routine is to go on a walk daily and then hang out with friends or family, so I think I would skip the formal corporate wear category and maybe select a wrap dress or kaftan for my special night outs. 

The secret of being fashionable and trendy is to be “comfortable in your skin”, with yourself and your body. Choose, buy, and wear whatever your heart suggests you, from this list or even out of it. Your comfort will be achieved when you are happy inside and then fashion would be what you wear. Be the trend in 2023. Best of luck with your fashion collection shopping.

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