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Club Fundraising Reinvented: Fresh and Creative Approaches
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Fundraising Ideas for Clubs – Think Big

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All of us know how hard it is to run a few kilometres. I suggest you consider fundraising a stunt that requires the stamina of a marathon runner. 

Yes, it needs patience, dedication, and discipline. With these three, you can push through the tough times. 

But, wait… the rewards?????

You must think that the runner feels like an achievement after hitting the target; is it the same for fundraising? 

Absolutely! They’re more than just monetary. 

Fundraising is not just about financial support. It’s about infusing vital energy into our societies and organisations, becoming the lifeline that sustains them. Plus, it’s the glue that binds communities, transforming them into united powerhouses of cooperative spirit. 

Listen, don’t forget! 

You aren’t just raising funds; you are building a stronger community.

So, to help you in this journey, I’ve got some fundraising ideas for clubs that will help you get started or inspire you to develop your own. 

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Creative Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

Merchandise Sales

As regular fundraising events continue to be successful, we recommend you to consider more modern ways to boost your funds. Step into the custom-printed merchandise. This fundraising strategy combines financial benefits with promotional opportunities for your club, offering a dual advantage.

Apart from that you can go for other  items as well, including T-shirts, polos, hoodies, and tote bags, all customisable with your club’s logo, slogan, or design. 

This approach not only generates funds to support your club’s activities but also boosts your club’s visibility and strengthens community and identity among club members and donors.

Offering custom merchandise at your events or via an online fundraising page can greatly enhance your fundraising efforts. Supporters have the opportunity to financially aid your club while obtaining a physical item that symbolises their support and affiliation. Items like a stylishly designed T-shirt or a useful, branded water bottle can draw in donations and increase visibility for your club. This one is indeed the best fundraising idea for the club.

Food and Beverage Sales

Host a community BBQ that brings together players, coaches, families and supporters for a day filled with tasty eats and entertaining games. Offer tickets for sale and provide a variety of food choices to satisfy diverse preferences. 

Set up friendly matches or competitions alongside the BBQ & drinks to keep attendees engaged and open up additional donation opportunities. 

Whether it’s a straightforward setup with hot dogs or a more elaborate affair, your BBQ event can significantly boost your fundraising efforts. Consider hosting it at a busy location like a Bunnings store to capitalise on high foot traffic and a community-friendly atmosphere.

Moreover, sausage sizzles are a classic, crowd-pleasing way to raise funds while bringing people together. These events are simple to organise and can be incredibly effective as a fundraising tool. You can generate significant funds by charging a small fee per sausage or offering deals on meal combos.

Trivia Night

Trivia night is a crowd-pleaser that spans generations and never fails to draw a lively crowd. This event allows for an exciting way of challenging minds and provides one of the best chances of raising funds through entry fees and ticket sales. 

Organise all those categories that cater to all interests and demographics so that they are most likely to attend and be engaged. You can include a quiz regarding movies, music, television shows, history and geography, and science. 

Pie Night

A Pie Night could become a gastronomic festivity where visitors enjoy all kinds of pies—from the unwholesome to sugary, brought in from local bakeries. You might even consider putting on a “best pie” contest with a small or big entry fee. 

It’s a delicious way to raise money to support your cause and another fun and tasty promotion for local businesses and culinary stars in your area.

Op Shop-Themed Evening

The event is a unique blend of fashion and charity, where attendees come together for an evening themed around thrift shopping. Guests are encouraged to wear outfits and accessories they’ve found at local thrift stores. 

This promotes sustainable shopping and sparks creativity as participants show off their stylish discoveries. It’s a fun-filled celebration that combines a sense of community spirit with successful fundraising for clubs, all wrapped up in an exciting display of fashion.

If it’s a corporate event you can opt for workwear printing for your team regarding fundraising campaigns.


An auction offers a fantastic opportunity for sports club or charity members to clear out unwanted items, whether it’s old cookware, decorative pieces, game consoles or designer goods. These events are particularly suited for items that might fetch a higher price than a typical car boot sale.

Your club can generate revenue through such an auction, including selling entry tickets or taking a set percentage from the sale of each item. Hosting the auction at your clubhouse not only uses your space effectively but also allows you to increase earnings by selling refreshments.

This auction allows supporters to earn cash by offloading items they no longer need while buyers can find unique deals. Your club benefits financially from these transactions, making it a win-win situation. Encourage donations from club members, but consider more innovative contributions, such as offering services like gardening, babysitting, or handyman work, which can also draw in significant funds for your cause.

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Fun Runs and Marathons

Wear the best t-shirt design & opt for custom printing for this activity to highlight your campaign in a more visible way. These activities are more than health and wellness programs; they are also an opportunity to unite everyone for a unified fundraising campaign for your club. You can design pink ribbons on shirts with catchy taglines for breast cancer awareness campaigns.

You can configure the length of the races so that many race levels are covered, from casual walkers to serious runners. 

He/she can also charge registration fees while making it possible for people by offering incentives like early bird pricing so that more people see the need to register earlier. 

Engage local businesses by encouraging them to sponsor the event or provide prizes. This will allow them to advertise their businesses further in support of your fundraiser. For instance, you can reach out to us at Garment Printing to gift the custom-printed t-shirts to the first three winners of the race.   

Sports Day

Set up a sports day event to bring back fun, competitive camaraderie. Activities will be modified so that individuals from any age group find their particular interest or sports activity. 

Make the event family-friendly to draw out the whole community to participate. Traditional games like the three-legged race, tug-of-war, or even new, innovative games can be part of the fest to keep the excitement on.

In all cases, entry fees could be nominal to ensure mass participation, whereas fundraising over and above could accrue from selling refreshments and sports merchandise.

That’s a great way to build community spirit and raise funds so that everyone feels like they are a part of the team.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a technique in which supporters of an organisation fundraise for that organisation within their network. It is more like personalised fundraising idea where you go to the people you know or ask them to do so for your particular fundraising campaign e.g. breast cancer, cervical cancer, tobacco cancer, blood cancer or obesity awareness etc.

An idea for transparency can be using online fundraising platforms, designed to help you with money for your club; one would assume they can easily access charitable donations beyond their local community. 

It allows the clubs to create a dedicated fundraising page that can be easily shared online. They can donate directly to any of the pages, making it a friendly and accessible process to whoever can access the internet. 

When undertaking this type of fundraising, consider the 80-20 rule; a typical pattern where 80% of donations come from 20% of donors. This insight can guide you to focus your efforts more efficiently and shape your fundraising strategy to optimise outcomes.

The “Ride for Compassion Coast to Coast” fundraising campaign is one of Australia’s most successful examples. [1]

Social Media Challenges for Virtual/Online Fundraising Campaigns

Social media is the leading powerhouse that engages online communities and is a fine avenue for active fundraising activities. 

It enables clubs to reach a wider group of participants through socially influenced challenges that encourage interactive participation.

Such challenges mostly go viral. Tag friends to indulge in the challenge, share it, and encourage them to contribute. 

Keeping it exciting and shareable is key, whether a dance-off, a fitness challenge, or something uniquely customised to your club’s identity. 

This is not only a great way to raise funds for your club, but it can also increase the visibility of the efforts and goals that were set. You can offer custom t-shirts for selling or as a gift.

Travel Raffle

A travel raffle is an engaging fundraising idea where participants buy tickets for a chance to win a travel-related prize, such as a trip or travel vouchers. This type of raffle is appealing due to the high-value prize, which helps boost ticket sales and overall interest. 

To organise a travel raffle, one must secure a desirable travel prize, sell tickets (often at varied pricing for individual or bundled purchases), and promote the event extensively through social media, email, local partnerships and community events. 

To ensure everything is conducted legally, adhere to local raffle regulations, including obtaining necessary permits. The raffle culminates in a public drawing to select the winner, offering transparency and an opportunity for additional community engagement. 

With proper planning and execution, a travel raffle can significantly support fundraising efforts by attracting a wide audience and generating substantial funds.


Fundraising ideas for clubs can be a daunting task, but with the right ideas, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. For clubs looking to make a difference, fundraising can be the perfect way to not only raise funds but also strengthen community bonds. 

Custom apparel, food and beverage sales, trivia nights, and pie nights are just a few ideas that can help boost your fundraising efforts. 

With the right strategy, you can turn your fundraising campaign into a powerful force for positive change. Let’s work together to make a difference and support your club’s activities while building a stronger community


What is the most successful fundraiser ever?

Seven’s Telethon 2022 in Western Australia is considered the most successful. Over the weekend, it raised an unprecedented $71.4 million. [2]

How can I raise money for a club?

Host events like bake sales, tea parties, movie nights, contests and silent auctions; sell custom printed club merchandise, tshirts, polos, singlets; or leverage online fundraising platforms. You can go for social media campaign.

What is the most profitable fundraising event?

Gala dinners, sports activities, quizzes and charity auctions often yield high profits due to ticket sales and high-value item bidding.

How can I fundraise money fast?

Quick fundraising methods include crowdfunding online, flash sales of donated goods or emergency appeal letters to supporters. Fundraising ideas for club

What sells best for fundraising?

Popular items include baked goods, branded merchandise, custom printed  t-shirts, custom printed headwears, custom printed polos and water bottles, and raffle tickets for exciting prizes.

What is a successful fundraiser?

A successful fundraiser meets or exceeds its financial goals, engages the community and enhances the organisation’s visibility.

What is a good return on a fundraiser?

A good return is typically considered at least double the investment; however, three to five times the cost returns are often highly successful.

What are the challenges of fundraising?

Challenges include attracting and retaining donors, differentiating from other organisations, managing events and ensuring adequate returns.

How can my club raise money?

Consider hosting themed events, organising sports tournaments, conducting membership drives, or partnering with local businesses for sponsorships.

What is the most profitable fundraiser?

Fundraisers involving high-ticket auctions or large-scale community events like festivals tend to be highly profitable.

How do you fund a social club?

Funding can come from membership fees, hosting regular social events, sponsorships, and selling club-related merchandise.

What is the number one rule of fundraising?

Be authentic. Always express genuine gratitude towards donors; appreciation is key for long-term support and engagement.

How can I raise money in a pub?

Host quiz nights, raffles, or themed party events. Add a portion of food and drink sales contributes to the fundraiser.

What challenges can I do for charity?

Popular challenges include marathons, bike rides, swimathons, poster competitions, story writing, and creative challenges like dance-a-thons or gaming marathons that participants can sponsor.


[1] Ride for Compassion Coast To Coast – Compassion

[2] The fundraising event has raised a total of $500million in its 55 years – MediaWeek

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