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Choosing the Perfect Hi Vis Vest For Your Employees

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Hi vis vest or high-visibility vest is workwear such as jackets, pants, vests, and coveralls that workers can wear to increase their visibility in the workplace. Workers who operate around moving vehicles or equipment, especially in low-light conditions, must wear high-visibility clothing. By definition, a high visibility colour is immediately distinguishable against any background and is highly reflective.  

Fluorescent yellow-green, orange and red are all permitted for use as high-visibility (hi-vis) colours since the human eye is most sensitive to and responds most quickly to these hues. They are also immune to the “greying” effect that affects other colours in low-light conditions, unlike different colours on the visible spectrum.   

Why is Hi Vis Safety Vest Required?

Protective apparel must be worn in the workplace to ensure safe working conditions. High-visibility safety vests can be purchased individually or in bulk to outfit a complete team with the same high-quality material.  

Think about the reassuring effect that light-reflecting clothing, representing the company’s emphasis on safety, can have on workers. This can also impact work efficiency, leading to an increase in output.  

Hi vis vest is thought to offer improved convenience and comfort on the job. As a result, an increasing number of professionals opt to wear them. The most significant benefits will accrue to those who work in extreme weather conditions, such as a cold winter or a lot of rain.  

Wearing a hi vis vest is easy, thanks to its lighter feel due to the high-quality material used in its production. It is essential to select well-known brands such as Garment printing so you do not have to sacrifice recognised standards.  

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How to Select Hi Vis Vest for Your Employees?

When selecting custom hi vis vests, you should examine your personnel’s working environment and needs to ensure their safety and productivity on the job. High-visibility vests are vital for worker safety. Consider the following guidelines before making a blind purchase of high-visibility vests for your personnel.


Consider acquiring a hi vis work vest that protects against the cold and rain if you wish to provide your employees with additional weather protection.


When selecting a high-visibility vest, you should examine the lighting conditions of your workplace in conjunction with the available colour options. For example, black high-visibility vests may be more suited if your construction workers operate in a well-lit warehouse.  

Alternatively, construction employees who work outdoors might find it more appropriate and advantageous to wear highly visible colours, such as yellow or orange, during night shifts or inclement weather.  


When searching for high-visibility vests, you should consider your protection requirements. For example, do you need a hood to shield you from the rain or to keep you warm in the cold? or do you require a vest-style garment for increased breathability? These things must be considered before buying high-visibility clothing, so get hi vis vest that provides the best or most desirable visibility and protection.

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Benefits of High-Visibility Vests

Improved visibility

Visibility is the most evident advantage of wearing high-visibility vests. People who work in high-traffic locations will reap the benefits of being visible to every driver as they approach. Bright colours and reflective accents on each piece of clothing make it simpler to spot workers from a distance.  

In addition, the ability to identify a person’s vest from a distance allows you to maintain track of them in a broad region. As a result of wearing these high-visibility vests, employees are more aware of their surroundings and other workers.

Simple to Recognize

Wearing a safety hi vis vest can be instantly identified as workwear. The use of a high-visibility vest assists visitors in locating the workers. Name tags or labels can be affixed on vests, making it easy for people to recognise members of each sector and determine their function.

Promotes a Safe Attitude

It is crucial to instil a safety mindset in your personnel and stick to defined procedures to reduce the likelihood of an accident. It is a common goal of every industry  to ensure the physical as well as mental security of its employees. 

For example, everyone in the office must wear high-visibility vests for workplace safety. This serves as a warning that hazardous conditions may be nearby. Therefore, everyone should exhibit increased caution when performing their duties.


Hi vis vest is a very comfortable to wear for anyone due to its weight and light material. It can be worn over any outerwear for warmth. Additionally, it is a good alternative for keeping the employee dry, as it is entirely waterproof. 

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Who Needs Reflective Vests?

Here are some common occupations where high-visibility vests are required.  

  • Factory employees
  • Transport employees
  • Construction employees
  • Warehouse labourers
  • Tow truck employees
  • Road maintenance crew
  • Initial responders
  • Railway employees 

Adding your company’s logo to your Hi-Vis vest is one of the most effective methods to enhance brand awareness and credibility.

With Garment Printing’s screen printing and embroidery capabilities, you can customise Hi-Vis vests with your company’s emblem and additional text.

If you want to improve your present logo design, our expert in-house graphic designers may assist you in creating a new brand that conveys your perfect story.

Garment printing is here to assist you in implementing your creative ideas. Tell us about your project today, and we’ll manage everything else.

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