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Work From Home Clothes: Styling Tips & Ideas
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Work From Home Clothes: Styling Tips & Ideas

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As the paradigm of work shifts and remote working becomes the new norm, we are embracing a change in our work wardrobe. With traditional office wear no longer required, the work from home clothes dress code balances professionalism while not compromising comfort.

Creating Your Work From Home Clothes

The work from home era requires a versatile wardrobe. The best outfits make you feel comfortable yet put together, allowing you to transition seamlessly from work to relaxation. For instance, a presentable top paired with a comfortable pair of leggings offers an optimal blend of professionalism for video calls and comfort for at-home tasks.

Selecting the Ideal Outfit for Working from Home

People claim that attire does not matter when working from home. However, this is not true!

Because dressing appropriately is the first step in any successful work-at-home endeavour. This guide will address all these questions and a great deal more.

Dressing Up for Your First Day of Virtual Work

Starting a new virtual role might leave you wondering how to make a good impression. The key is to align with the generally accepted dress code for a home office: leaning towards casual but retaining a sense of smartness. A well-fitted blouse or shirt, paired with relaxed trousers or trusty leggings, can strike the right chord.

Elegantly Informal T-Shirts

A comfortable, durable, and fashionable t-shirt is one of the essential items in your wardrobe, so Garment Printing offers minimalist custom options that will attract little attention but are still hip enough to wear to backyard barbecues or work from home meetings!

Work from home informal t-shirt
Work from home informal t-shirt

This Men’s T-shirt by Garment Printing satisfies all these requirements:

  • It is softer because it is made from the world’s finest cotton, and it is essentially ‘Constant’ because it maintains its shape and wears after wear – ideal work from home clothes.
  • Therefore, even if you have a long day of formal work attire, you can wear casual clothing for the remainder of the day. These men’s t-shirts are an easy addition to one of your finest casual outfits.
  • This is a must-have if you’re a relaxed toad determined to keep things as calm and unfettered as possible!

Virtual Meetings

The question arises, “Should you wear a shirt while working from home?” For client-facing responsibilities or virtual meetings, the answer leans towards yes. Maintaining a professional image can be as simple as donning a crisp shirt, which, when paired with comfortable bottoms, offers an outfit you can comfortably wear all day without compromising your professional image.

A Polo-style T-shirt

Even though you work from home, you do not want to be perceived as careless. Wearing a sleeveless t-shirt under your blazer is too casual to be included in your ideal men’s formal ensemble suggestions.

Also unacceptable is wearing a suit while donning pajamas with the hood up. What can you  wear then?

Your polo tee is the ideal solution. It’s stylish enough to please your supervisor while remaining appropriate for the workplace. A polo shirt bridges the divide between formality and informality. Once you stop worrying about what to wear and add one of these to your closet, you will feel confident no matter where your workday takes you. Polo shirts can save your life!

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Getting Trousers

Invest in comfortable trousers. You are frequently seated, and no one has the time or energy for uncomfortable waistbands. Wear your most comfortable denim or your favourite activewear. Feeling comfortable in your seating attire lets you focus on what is likely to be observed the most – your upper half.

Create visual appeal from the pelvis up. This is what attendees of Zoom meetings will see. Clothes assist me in determining a person’s personality. Choose apparel that reflects your individuality while adhering to any culture- or workplace-specific dress codes to stand out in the video.

Accessorise with style

This is a staple in both my work-from-home and leaving-the-house attire. I enjoy wearing rings and bracelets, so long as they don’t jingle during video conferences. Accessories such as earrings and necklaces frame the face and are noticed by others. They serve as conversation starters on video and in person.

Invest in outerwear items as well that complement an otherwise casual ensemble. Consider blazers over trousers, a T-shirt, or a trench coat over a tracksuit.

Breathable Fabrics

Investing in clothes that are as functional as they are fashionable is the key. Choose breathable fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo, which are soft and comfortable for extended wear. An oversized sweater paired with leggings can make for a comfy yet stylish work from home clothes perfect for a productive workday or a relaxed evening on the couch.


Footwear might seem like a non-issue when working from home, but it can affect your comfort and productivity. While some prefer the freedom of going shoeless or the convenience of slippers, others find that wearing shoes can maintain a sense of work mode and improve focus. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.


In remote work, embracing comfortable work from home clothes doesn’t mean that style takes a backseat. Instead, it’s about creating an at-home work wardrobe that merges comfort with style, enhancing productivity and offering a fresh expression of professionalism. Remember, comfort breeds creativity, making this balance essential to successful remote work.

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