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Want to look classy? Try Slim-Tapered Jeans

Want to look classy? Try Slim-Tapered Jeans

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Modern jeans were invented in the 19th century United States; they were popularised in the 1950s mainly through Hollywood cinema. Since then, their popularity has reached new heights.

Jeans are casual-wear pants mostly made from a rigid cotton fabric known as Denim. There are various types of jeans produced and sold in the market. These types include skinny, boot cut, bell-bottom, and others. These varieties of jeans are widely popular among consumers, especially the millennial generation, including both sexes, which prefer jeans over other types of trousers or pants to look trendy.

What are slim-tapered jeans?

The slimmed tapered jeans are a type of jeans that allure consumers and gain popularity among them. In this particular sense, ‘tapered’ refers to continuous and steady narrowing, commencing as slim fit and then gradually narrowing down below the knees continuing towards the ankles.

Tapered Jeans Rack


Tapered Jeans Rack

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In simple words,  tapered jeans compose a V-shape with a broad top and narrow bottom. Moreover, the slimmed tapered jeans may look similar to skinny jeans, but they are distinct. What distinguishes slim-tapered jeans from their counterparts is their capacity to impersonate the shape of a human body, which accentuates the legs.

Types of slim-tapered jeans

Similarly, tapered jeans can be segregated into types, the two being the most common include: loose-tapered and slim-tapered jeans. They are both narrow as they reach ankles; however, slim-tapered is more fitted from the waist and sports a small cut.

Who should buy slim-tapered jeans?

A burning question your mind may be prompting to ask, who should wear slim-tapered jeans?

  • It will especially suit those who have slim and well-proportioned legs.
  • In general, it will serve consumers who do not like loose or baggy jeans.
  • Not for those who are not used to tight or fitted clothes as they may feel discomforting and restrictive, though some slim-tapered jeans may have flexible fabric to ease the tight fit.

Girls In Slim Tapered Jeans


Girls In Slim Tapered Jeans

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Why wear slim-tapered jeans?

Firstly, slim-tapered jeans are pretty comfy and classy. It is easily noticeable to spot the difference in someone who wears them as its chic design enhances the stylish appearance. Secondly, its slim cut emphasises the shape of the legs, which makes you appear slender, a reason why ritzy and health-conscious consumers prefer to wear slim-tapered jeans

Finally, its multifaceted use enables buyers to wear them at any place or any occasion. So whether you are going to the office wearing a dress shirt or hanging out with friends wearing a casual sports jacket, slim-tapered should be your preferred choice.

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Who shouldn’t wear slim-tapered jeans?

Slim-tapered jeans are not suitable for people with a stocky build. It may hinder the mobility of people with thick legs as the person will find it challenging to move around. Similarly, you should be cautious about trying them if you wear boots, as the tight fit at the bottom wouldn’t go well with them. 


Young Boys Wearing Tapered Jeans

Slim-tapered jeans can also present complications if you intend to roll up your jeans; the tight-fit cannot be easily rolled up. Moreover, slim-tapered jeans aren’t for you if you enjoy wearing conventional slim jeans but don’t like jeans that narrow down the ankle.


Slim-tapered jeans give a more modelled appearance that aims to do away with the excess fabric. To summarise more efficiently, it is crucial to bear in mind that the slim-tapered jeans are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. This type of jeans is widespread among men and women and can be worn casually and professionally.

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