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Smart Casual Men's Collection

Smart Casual Men’s Collection

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The term “smart casual men’s” denotes a fusion of casual dress code with business casual clothing elements specifically in menswear. Though smart casual emphasises the word ‘casual,’ it is considered a combination of smart and casual. Its meaning is cryptic and open to several interpretations. The Oxford Dictionary defines smart casual as “neat, conventional, yet relatively informal in style.” All in all, it is a tasteful blend of comfort and relaxation with finesse and style.

The term ‘smart casual’ first came to use in the 1920s, and it became commonplace in the 1950s. The idea encapsulating the smart casual was the same – a smart, stylish attire that men could wear anywhere and anytime. The trend we currently know garnered attraction in the 1980s. When the boundaries of formal and casual became vague, the concept of ‘smart casual’ was born.

Men & Woman In Smart Casual Attire
Men & Woman In Smart Casual Attire

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We have compiled a list of some of the most coveted smart casual men items that are a must for your wardrobe!

Oxford Shirts

Oxford shirts exude sartorial elegance. They are crafted with 100% pure cotton and are a requisite for the wardrobe of every fashion connoisseur. The Oxford shirt is an informal substitute for the classic collared shirt. Its fabric tends to be stiff and offers versatility. They can be worn with jeans, chinos, and a suit jacket, and can be paired with Chelsea boots or dark sneakers. These shirts can go with several dress codes and are part of casual business and smart casual men’s collections.

Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts are considered an essential part of the smart casual wardrobe. They generally feature a collar, placket neckline, and two or three buttons. They are made from cotton and are typically short-sleeved. However, long-sleeved polo shirts are also in vogue. You can count on them to make you look trendy at the workplace or on personal occasions. Many upscale brands manufacture them, and they are available in myriad colours and designs, which makes them perfect for your smart casual wardrobe.

Mens Oceana Polo

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Smart Casual Men Polo

Unstructured Blazer

Our next pick is the unstructured blazer. It considerably differs from your traditional suit jacket. It features little or no padding on the chest and shoulders, which allows the fabric to cover your body instead of accentuating its shape. An unstructured blazer emanates a more relaxed and casual look, making it perfectly suitable to be matched with casual clothing like jeans, chinos, polo shirts, and knitwear. We highly recommend an unstructured blazer for your smart-casual wardrobe. This was the most common dress in 1920

Man wearing Casual Blazer
Man wearing Casual Blazer

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Chambray Shirt

Chambray Shirt is a cotton plain weave fabric woven with a dyed warp thread and a white weft thread. It looks like Denim, but it is not. It is relatively lightweight and has a lighter colour than Denim. It is ideal for summers as it is exceptionally comfortable to wear, with a mushy texture and its natural fibres allow air to pass through. You can wear them with dark jeans, or under a blazer and pair them with Oxford shoes. Chambray Shirts are high-quality and swanky – making them an apt choice for your smart casual collection.


You can also incorporate t-shirts into your smart casual wardrobe. However, you should pay heed to some important caveats. Your tee should be made from 100% cotton. Also, choose a zesty cotton crewneck tee to highlight your chest and shoulders, and avoid tees made from flimsy materials. And no, you should not include a V-neck tee, as that is inappropriate to be included in the smart casual dress code. 

Drawstring Trousers

Drawstring trousers overflow with comfort and grace – they are a fusion of pyjamas and dress trousers. They offer you adjustability and versatility and will always be a specific part of your smart-casual wardrobe. They are crafted from cotton and wool and are available in varied colours and designs. We suggest combining them with a pair of chinos, an overcoat, and loafers. We ensure they will significantly augment your fashionable appearance!


Chinos are a fitting choice for the smart casual. Chino pants are lightweight and made from cotton. Unlike Khakis, they come in a wide array of colours. They are contemporary and less formal than casual or business professional dress codes. We recommend Chinos comprising a regular tapered fit with wider thighs that narrows down to the hem. Buy colours such as navy and beige for a seamless matching.


Jeans are an intrinsic part of smart casual menswear. It is recommended to choose a dark pair, possibly black or navy blue. Dark coloured jeans always blend in tastefully with a smart dress code. They will smoothly go with Oxford shirts, Oxford or Chelsea shoes, and any other kind of appropriate menswear. Avoid wearing ripped or faded jeans, and go for a straight or regular fit.

Smart Casual Men's Jeans
Smart Casual Men’s Jeans

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Oxford Shoes

Oxford Shoes are classically elegant! They can be worn with business casual and smart casual attire and are perfect for formal and informal settings. Oxford shoes feature a closed-lacing system within the upper part of the shoes. You can wear them in a suit, dark jeans or chinos. We believe a pair of classic Oxford shoes makes them a desirable footwear choice for the smart casual.

Minimalist Sneakers

Minimalist Sneakers are one of the choicest options for smart casual footwear. They boast simple designs that match almost everything you wear. They are stupendously comfortable and offer a trendy look. Numerous brands manufacture minimalist sneakers, and they are available in a wide array of colours and a wide range of prices. Their unflashy yet subtle appearance makes them a fitting choice for your smart-casual attire.


Knitwear is also a quintessential part of the smart casual. The presence of a finely knit cashmere, merino wool, or cotton will enhance the voguish attributes of your smart casual outfit. Whether you choose a high-quality slim design or opt for heavier knitwear in chilly winters, you will always cherish the knitwear collection of your smart casual wardrobe. We suggest you select knitwear featuring simple designs and dark colours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is smart casual?

A smart casual dress code is the combination of casual attire with a business casual dress code.

Where do you wear smart casual?

You can wear smart casual in both formal and informal settings.

Is smart casual affordable?

It depends. With countless high-end and budget brands manufacturing smart casual items, they can be expensive and affordable.

Are polos smart casual?

Absolutely. Polos are an essential part of smart casual menswear.

What are smart casual footwear items?

Oxford, Chelsea, Chukka, and Loafers are some of the most popular smart-casual footwear items.

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