How to make Tassels With Embroidery Thread
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How To Make Tassels With Embroidery Thread?

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Tassels are in fashion nowadays. It’s because they enhance the beauty of bags, clutches, and lots more. We all want to look outstanding and grab everyone’s attention around us.

Tassels are not only useful for decoration but also for other important things.

For instance:

If you often forget your keys, attach a brightly coloured yarn tassel with your key ring.

Now you can even craft your very own tassel yourself. We know you’re shocked to hear it, but we will prove our words today by showing how you can make a beautiful tassel with your hands.


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Let’s get started.

How to Make a Tassel

This method is as easy as a piece of cake. The only things you need are:

  • Embroidery floss
  • Some yarn

Step 1: Wrap Yarn To Thread

Tightly wrap the yarn in the middle. Once you finish the yarn, glue the end of the thread to stick it.

Step 2: Tie With Another Yarn

Bend the middle part of the whole thing and fasten it with another piece of yarn.

Step 3: Cut Excess Floss

Trim the extra floss

Tada! There you go.

Steps to Make Tassels
Steps to Make Tassels

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How Do You Make Small Thread Tassels?

Tiny things usually look cuter. The same is the case with tassels. You’ll love to see a tiny variant of a thread tassel, and that’s why we will share how to make a small thread tassel yourself.

Step 1: Cut Floss

First, cut the floss about 6″ in length. The floss should be of the same colour as that of your main tassel. Keep this along the left side of the fork tines. Start wrapping your floss around the fork tines as well as covering the length of floss simultaneously.

Step 2: Wrap Fork

Wrap the fork with the thread 50 times at least, and then cut the thread.

Step 3: Tie Loose Knot On Fork’s Left Side

Fasten the loose knot on the fork’s left side. Make sure this knot is as close and as tight on the thread as possible. As a result, you can use this thread to attach your tassel to anything you want. 

Step 4: Knot Thread Around Wrapped Thread

Cut a length of thread 12″ long minimum. Between the first and second tines, knot the thread around that wrapped thread.

Step 5: Wrap Contrasting Thread Ends

Turn the fork and wrap the contrasting thread ends to the back of the tassel. Make a knot on the backside.

Step 6: Cut Floss Ends Close To Knot

Make the knots on the front and back tightly two more times again to secure it. Cut the floss ends close to the knot. 

What Kind Of Thread Do You Use For Tassels?

Long story short, you can make tassels with any kind of thread. Fibre comes in various textures, like yield full, soft, lace-weight mohair and fuzzy tassels.

If you’re into casual sophistication, go with rustic plant fibre, for instance, fique or linen.

A wool-silk sport-weight yarn makes a more tailored and luxurious tassel with an elegant drape.

For smaller tassels, use thinner fibres, such as cotton or silk embroidery floss. Embroidery floss looks refined or relaxed, based on where you want to use the tassel. Make sure you settle for a washable fibre, like cotton, if you’re going to tie a tassel to something you need to launder.

Final Word

Making tassels is not as complicated as some people think. Following this step-by-step guide, you can easily make tassels yourself with embroidery thread. You can save a considerable amount of money by decorating your different stuff yourself, like jewellery, bags and others.

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